Anything else left to do before we start??


Im just wondering if there is anything else that myself & finacee will need doing before we start drugs/treatments. We are having Ivf with Icsi and so far have had my Fsh blood test (days 1-3 and days 5) my TFT blood test, rubella bloods which I am immune, both had our sti tests and I've had my cervical swabs and my smear which is normal & fiancee has had his semen Analysis. I am awaiting a second ultrasound which Im having at leeds before our next appt on the 7th November. Im just wondering on this 7th will we get started properly, Im eager to get all started 😊

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  • Hey Laura,

    My memory isn't great so I might miss some things but I do know that myself and my partner were both tested for HIV and hepatitis before we started treatment.

    I also had a scan done at the hospital where they done an Internet scan to check my follicle count.

    I was also put on the pill for 2 weeks before we started injections to get my body into a cycle for treatment.

    I've just had ICSI and done the short protocol.


  • Internal scan *** lol xxx

  • Thank you for your reply, yes I think the scan is to look for follicles and I've read about the hiv/hep b/c blood tests so I did wonder wether I should just ask my doctor to do those now rather than wait or if they would want them doing at the hospital in leeds, Im hoping we can get our EC and ET done before Xmas but I don't know if Im being too optimistic.


  • Ours were done at the hospital and you'll probably find when you go for your scan that's when they'll do them as they normally run through your notes to see what else needs done. I'd mention it to them if they don't and I'm sure they'll just take them then and there 😊

    At my last appointment before we started treatment I was asked to call the hospital when my period started and they got me in within 5 days. They checked my womb and then put me on microgynon for 15 days I was then given a date to go back which was 6 days after my final microgynon pill. At that appointment they asked when my period had started and they done another scan and told me then I was ready to start injections and I started them that morning.

    I take it you won't know yet what protocol you'll be on? Xxx

  • Nope not sure yet, our consultant appt is a week on Monday but we have already seen the nurse 2 weeks ago- my consultant needs to speak to my other consultant as I was recently (well in May this year) diagnosed with a rare type of cancer so I think he wants to just check all drugs etc will be ok for me to have, they said they are putting through things urgently for me to get underway asap but I first saw the Gp in July for Referall & still feel we are no further along than then really.


  • Sorry to hear about your cancer Laura.

    With your appointment being then I think it's likely you'll start treatment very soon.

    Hard to say if EC and ET will be before Christmas as would really depend on the protocol and how you respond to it etc.

    Really hope you've got it all done by then though xxx

  • Good luck with your treatment Laura. Really sorry to hear about your cancer xx

  • Thank you, the ivf is keeping my mind off what's yet to come so im just trying to look forward to it but Im too impatient ha ha x

  • Hopefully it ll go well for you. It's really not that bad xx

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