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Has anyone had Essure to block tubes?

Hi ladies! This is my first post and hope you can help! I'm about to start my 3rd cycle of ICSI and freezing embryos at each stage as I need a procedure to block my tubes before FET. I wondered if anyone has had Essure to block tubes? Both mine are swollen with fluid, which my fertility doctor says is poisonous and can kill/wash away/prevent an embryo implanting. My tubes couldn't be removed during laparoscopy earlier this year due to major adhesions and they can't be clipped either, so the only option I have is to block them with Essure coils. I'm booked in for next month, but know little about it. Googling only provides negative feedback. Has anyone had this done with positive experience? How did you feel afterwards? How long was recovery and did you have to wait till you could have ET?

Thanks for reading! xx

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Hi, hope you don't mind me asking...did you ever get the essure coils?


Hi. Yes I had one put in just last week. The other tube was naturally blocked with scarring. I've just read your post. I'd read lots of negative things about Essure and was nervous but didn't have any choice. Can I ask what problems you had? I hope you're much better now.


Hi hun, sorry for not replying sooner. I had longer, heavier periods with massive clots, constant pain, a 'fluttering' sensation in my pelvis on and off, bleeding / losing clots and tissue after sex, tired all the time, weight gain, hair thinning and joint pain all of which went away almost immediately. I am concerned that you will be trying to have a baby after this procedure. I don't want to alarm you too much but there is a group on facebook for women who have become pregnant after essure and they document and share their stories of what has happened to them and their children. I sincerely hope you have no ill effects from essure but if you do, there are several thousand women from the USA and Europe in an amazing support group.


Hi. Thank you for the info. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I'm glad all the problems have stopped and you're on the mend - It is worrying that they stopped when you had your tubes removed. I'd read about such problems, which is why I wrote my original post. People tend to leave negative feedback about something rather than pass on positive news so I was hoping for different views. Thank you for your concern. I've had serious pelvic infection pain before so know what to look out for and I am paranoid... The best I can do is hope that my body doesn't reject the coil and that it is in the right place at my 3 month check. How long did you have yours in for? Can I ask where you had yours done? You may need to private msg me that info. Thanks again for sharing. X


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