Has anyone had Essure to block tubes?

Hi ladies! This is my first post and hope you can help! I'm about to start my 3rd cycle of ICSI and freezing embryos at each stage as I need a procedure to block my tubes before FET. I wondered if anyone has had Essure to block tubes? Both mine are swollen with fluid, which my fertility doctor says is poisonous and can kill/wash away/prevent an embryo implanting. My tubes couldn't be removed during laparoscopy earlier this year due to major adhesions and they can't be clipped either, so the only option I have is to block them with Essure coils. I'm booked in for next month, but know little about it. Googling only provides negative feedback. Has anyone had this done with positive experience? How did you feel afterwards? How long was recovery and did you have to wait till you could have ET?

Thanks for reading! xx


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