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ICSI First Time

Hi Girls

Im just wondering if anyone is doing the same as me with a success story and make some tips for along the process..

So i am 25 years old, me and my partner are going through long protocol ICSI this is are first cycle.

I would like some advise on the following:

- Did you take a lot of time off work before and after egg collection and embryo transfer?

- Did you cut out any foods and drinks when going through medication?

- How many embroyos did you have transferred and why?

Thank you for any replies xXxXxXx

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Welcome CH91,

I have just gone through my first cycle of IVF. Time off work is really a personal choice. It depends on the job you do really and if you think it would be too stressful or demanding through treatment.

For me personally I worked through injections. I spoke with my manager and I was put on light duties during this time. (I work in a care home so it's quite demanding and workload often heavy).

I am currently on sick leave which I started the week of egg collection and I won't return to work until a few days after test date so roughly it'll be 3 weeks that I've had off.

I wouldn't say I cut any food out completely but I have tried to eat healthier. I don't drink tea or coffee but I do like the odd can of fizzy juice (usually cola) I started to buy sugar free 7up instead which is also caffeine free.

I have embryo transfer tomorrow. I've been told due to my age (29) and the fact this is my first cycle I will only have one embryo put back.

I hope this helps and good luck xxx


Hi Amanda86

Thanks for your reply :)

Aww i know thats why i was wondering what other people did i think i might have day off starting egg collection until after ET so about 12days or so!

I think i'll do the same i mean ive started drinking herbal tea non caffefine and also drinking about 1-2litres of water per day.

All the luck to you and your partner tomrror hunny.

Let me know how it goes!!

Big hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Thank you 😀 xxx


Forgot to add I stopped drinking alcohol a few months before treatment. I haven't had any alcohol since August xxx


I didn't take any time off at all. Egg collection was a Saturday so I had the next day off anyway then went back as normal on the Monday. After transfer I was back at my desk 20 mins after! But I don't have a strenuous job and if I did I'd have taken time off or reduced my hours or duties. I'm glad I did it this way though because it would have used up all my remaining annual leave to take time off and I've been quite bad with my pregnancy and taking a days leave each week has got me through.

We gave up alcohol well in advance and really cut down on caffeine. We tried to eat a bit more healthily. Definitely take vitamin d supplements as well.

Our embryos were really good quality so they recommended only one but we did have the choice. We decided if that didn't work we'd have 2 put back on the second attempt. As you are only 25 I'd just put one back in on your first go.


I did ICSi and was successful first round!

Only took the day off for egg collection and transfer was a sat.

I cut out all sugar, alcohol, caffeine and most processed food and ate a super high protein diet which can really help with egg count and then quality. I don't eat meat so loads of nuts, beans eggs etc. Also drink as much water and hydrating drinks like coconut water if you can. I drank two litres a day as insisted by my clinic so I didn't overstimulate as I have mild PCOS.

Good luck!


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