ICSI Success First time!

Hi ladies, I just thought I would write on here to tell everyone the good news that our very first ICSI/IVF treatment worked and we are now 7 weeks pregnant with twins!!

I know when I was going through the treatment that I would look on here every single day for other people's good news to give me hope, so I wanted to give all you ladies hope that are going through IVF or ICSI! If it can work for me then it can work for you to!

I thought I'd also let you all know the little things I did throughout my treatment that may have helped it happen for us:

I gave up alcohol a month before I started and didn't drink a drop throughout the treatment

I had a fertility massage

I did relaxation yoga videos as often as possible to try and stay relaxed

I gave up all takeaways and ate as well as possible

And I stayed hydrated and drank 3 litres of water a day.

A lot of its pretty obvious stuff but I really think it helped make it happen for us as it prepared my body for the little embryos to make a home!

So stay positive girls!! I know it can happen for you too πŸ€ xx

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  • Congratulations, such lovely news xxxx

  • Congratulations xxx

  • congratulations...glad to know it n getting hope....

  • Congratulations. :)

  • Congratulations! Double the excitement with twins πŸ˜‰ Be prepared for all the twin questions and comments when you eventually tell people - I recommend having a response for the FAQ 'are there twins in your family' 😊

  • Big congratulations that's fantastic news! πŸ‘πŸΌ xx

  • Congratulations! Wonderful news! All the best for a healthy pregnancy!x

  • Congratulations bluebell!!! Sooooo happy for you!!! That's amazing!! I'm now in the 2ww with 2 embies on board ☺️ Have everything crossed that I'm posting something like this next month! Best of luck for a happy and healthy pregnancy!! x x x

  • Awesome news. Double blessing yeah. Enjoy your pregnancy 😊 look forward to happy updates.

  • Amazing news .... what and where did u have a fertility massage ? Xxx

  • I had it in Plymouth, but I'm sure people specialise in it all over! It was a mixture of acupressure, reflexology and other types of massage and it's meant to prepare your body for fertility by balancing hormones, increasing blood flow and obviously for relaxation! It was really good, I would defo recommend giving it a go! x

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