ICSI ~ First Time and it didn't work

Feeling a little blue today as my dreaded period arrived 12 days post ET.

Sad because I wanted something to work out for us and for it to be easy - although as my good friend told me, anything worth having never is.

THe past 12 days I've wondered what was going on and if,just if our little miracle had worked. We had x2 3 day embryos put back (this is our first cycle) that I am told where good quality and so our chances should have been pretty good You would think?!!

I am 31 and our fertility issues reside with my husband who has diabetes/retrograde ejeculation but his sperm is perfect and we have some on ice! Just really not sure why it didn't work. Has anyone else had a similar situation?

Everyone says keep positive but it's hard - I feel like I'm going nowhere fast in this process

Nurse wants me to test on Thursday which is our OTD and I know it will be negative.

Does anyone know what happens then? I know the ideal is to take a few months out but how long?

Today has not been a good day 😭😓😢

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  • Awww so sorrry tongear yiur news. Yeah so right, easier to be positive for others but in reality it must be tough I'm sure... I'm guessing a follow up appointment would be your best bet.

  • Gosh...sorry to hear that hun. Of course it's easy to say but you have to be strong at least to try again! One failed attempt is nothing...Here are some people who have up to 10 IVFs and only the last one could be successful or not.

    As far as I know you shoul wait for 2-3 month to resume, so...be patient, sweety. Show us you're strong for real, show yourself! Wish you all the best! xxx

  • Thank you so much. Digging Deep today for sure. Just need a few days to get my head around it and will be fine I'm sure. I've faced much worse im sure. Good Luck with your journey x

  • Thanks!!

    Just do not haste with your decisions and try to be engaged in smth you like to avoid painful thought . It's gonna okay...sooner or later and it's only you to decide when. xxx

  • Sorry to hear this news , our first ICSI failed we started our FET as quick as we could we only had two viable embryos, my second embryo took I'm now 19 weeks pregnant X good luck x

  • Thank you so much - it's good to hear some success.

    Wish you all the best with your pregnancy x

  • This will be you soon ! Keep positive xx

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