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Hi Friends, just been through icsi @ guys hospital, i must say a very good hospital, doctors and nurses, the problem is male factor, low sperm count and not the correct shape, that's why have to go through this, end of Feb 2012 the test was negative :( they inserted two embryos but did not work, my eggs were very very good quality, i don't have any single problem, i dont smoke dont drink... no allergies... i was very upset but strong... not we have to do it again completely as they dont have any frozen embryos, friends is anyone going through same as me ?? or if you had a second one with positive result? please share, hopefully i can start 2nd treatment soon, i will be 30 this year...

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Hi Bond

You sound pretty sad and frustrated and that is absolutely normal after what you've been through.

I'm sorry that I'm not here to share a success story but I did want to acknowledge your email and let you know that you're not alone in feeling as you do.

I'm at stimulation stage with my 2nd ICSI cycle. My 1st attempt was only in October / November last year and it was a disaster really! I responded extremely well to all the drugs, down-regged in 2 weeks, stimulated in 2 weeks and had egg collection just 4 weeks from starting the process, all text book. I had 17 eggs (at 37 years old, I was told this was really good), 14 were mature and of those, 9 fertilised - then it all went wrong! I have something called a balanced chromosomal translocation so have to have pre-genetic diagnosis with ICSI - so on day 3, the 8 healthy looking embryos were all biopsed and tested for my disorder. 2 days later, we were gutted to find out that although only 1 had my disorder, all of the others had multiple chromosomal problems and therefore we had nothing to put back.

So after a diagnosis of unexplained infertility and being aware of just one problem I've known about for years, it appears that either I am extremely unlucky (the Consultants 1st response) or my eggs have aged prematurely (the Consultants 2nd response, after I pushed her!!).

So we're on a wing and a prayer with this one - I'm scared to death that that same thing will happen again and its really hard to be positive.

BUT - despite why your last cycle failed, and in your case, I guess you have no answers - at least you got embryos to transfer so your chances are still good for next time - and you have to be positive, no matter how hard it is.

I'm throwing everything at this one because I know, if it goes this wrong again, we've been told that my eggs are not likely to ever get me pregnant. So I've had 3 months of weekly acupuncture, kept my diet good and full of goodness, stopped drinking, seen a Nutritionalist for advice on supplements etc - I'm broke but at least i feel like I've tried as hard as I could this time!!

The nurses at my clinic told me a while ago - 'if you go into this cycle just tihnking about what went wrong last time, you may as well not bother doing it again'. Its easy to say I know and I've really struggled but I just have to hope this time that just one embryo can make it over all of the hurdles - you have to do the same.

Meantime, read what you can about why cycles can fail and maybe see if you can get any additional tests ie. immune blood tests, just to tick off the boxes that there is nothing else going on.

Good luck and keep us updated!



hey Treacle, it was a nice long reply xx thanks..

i understand your situation too, its very hard for all of us, sometimes i just ask God, while girls?? all the problems girls have to face... but that's how it is... they will start my next treatment next month, but i have kept my mind really strong, i also had to loose alot of weight as nhs was giving 1st one free but body mass under 30, i had lost 23kg which took me atleast a year, thats with going gym everyday, personal trainer, running, boxing, trx, proper diet, no fried food, only weight watchers cheese, bread etc... and being a pure vegeterian was hard too, after loosing so much weight with really good egg quality as well, it hurts when it does not work, hun, do you know the reason why it didn't work?? is it due to the Sperm?? i have no idea, my eggs fertilized very very well, but the embryo....

i decided that i will use the same hospital for 2nd icsi treatment as i am very comfortable with all the doctors and nurses... and the cost is alot as well, nearly 5grand... but i guess this is how it is...

your reply is very helpful and i can also ask the doctor about any further test when i have my appointment next week.

my 2nd treatment will be easier as i know what i will expect, nasty nasal spray, injections in stomach, keeping timing for medicine, going hospital god knows how many times for scans...

so i am ready to go, i will update on the outcome...

hun i hope everything works out for you, i will pray for you as i can understand what you are going through xxx


Hi ,really feel for you.

I had icsi ,Couldn't find any thing wrong with me or husband.

1st attepted failed .We had 8 ebryos left so had 2nd try and it worked .

Don't give up hope.xxxxx


hey Kelmar, thanks xxx


Hi bond007,

I had my EC yesterday, collected 1 egg. At first I'm on IVF but after EC and husband produced his sperm they decided to put me on ICSI. Today 7April clinic rang me informing no ET tomorrow as scheduled. This is our first attempt. I don't know what to do next. How much cost in guys?

Good luck. X


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