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Going through our consent signing on 27 March after years of trying through natural birth with one child already. We are going through ICSI and looking for any support or what the process involves the trial the tribulations, stories support out there as this is very new to us - so anxious and nervous which is strange to say as this involves so much more from my partner therefore trying to be the best person to my partner, whilst we venture on this rollercoaster.

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My daughter and her husband have to go through icsi, in fact starting this week on another round. Any questions just ask and I’m sure between us all we have the answers xxxx

Hi Harry

Welcome to this forum, it’s an amazing place for support, advice and personal experiences. We’ve all been there, just starting this journey and feeling so nervous, there is so much unknown but we’re all here to help each other through.

I read a book called ‘Get a Life, His and Hers survival guide to IVF’ and found it very helpful especially at the start. It goes through the whole process stage by stage, how you might feel, how your OH might feel and what to expect so it was a great book to help prepare yourself.

If you have any questions though please ask here and I’m sure all the amazing women will have some advice for you.

Good luck xx

Thanks Gilly and Franco much appreciated it’s great to know there’s wider support from these forums who I can relay on and share my story a such as we go through this process and good to know people are here to support each other. ICSI has been identified as the best route due to my low sperm count which was a shock to myself from a recent test. Can anyone confirm once the consent signing is done and payment sent how soon can treatment commence as were self funding treatment x

Dunla in reply to HarryH

Hello Harry, my husband and I had four rounds of ICSI. Once your paperwork is signed you could be up and running in a month or so, it depends on your partner’s menstrual cycle. Wishing you the very best of luck 🍀


Hi HarryH. We are doing the same thing, icsi due to low sperm count. I found it very overwhelming on my first attempt and wish I had reached out as you are doing. My recommendation is to ask the clinic to talk through the whole process from start to finish, before you start. I found them a bit light on info and had a few surprises regarding appointments etc that I didn't know would happen before we started. We were also self funded and we started straight away after a small wait for the doctor appointment. My other recommendation is for your partner to take it easy and be prepared to take time off during the cycle as the hormones can sometimes (but not always) make you feel crappy. No-one told me that and I booked it in during a stressful time at work, not fun! This time i asked my partner to take over the household chores for a week so i could blob. It was much easier this time and we got a much better result. Good luck! I hope it goes well for you guys.

My daughter and her husband signed the paperwork 3 weeks ago and as soon as my daughter starts her period, which is due Wednesday, they start treatment. When my son in law had his sperm surgically removed, they took enough for four rounds. We have to pay £250 a year for storage of it xx

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