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Starting Clomid

Hi everyone,

I went to see a new Dr at a new clinic after my 3 IVF fails and miscarriage after natural conception. I got a thrombophilia screen which came back as normal which is reassuring to rule that out.

We also decided to try clomid which was suggested to me for the first time ever in 3 and a half years. I do ovulate but my periods have always been very irregular so we are trying this to regulate my periods and increase my chances of conception. However when he scanned me tonight ( to check a cyst I had after IVF had gone ) he told me my ovaries were polycystic at the moment!!

I have never been told before I had polycystic ovaries but he said it can come and go throughout adult life and it doesn't mean I had it before or that I'll have it forever. But now I'm wondering have I always had this and previous Drs have missed it??

I confused, worried, almost happy I might have a diagnosis and hopeful that clomid might help me and I might get pregnant again.

Has anyone had PCOS come and go?? Or had success with clomid??

Any comments welcome

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I've done clomid and a few rounds of ivf and have been very confused, one minute they'll say its unexplained infertility, then they'd casually mention polycystic during scans etc, it was really unsettling and I didn't know who to trust and what to believe. Finally though I managed to get a straight forward answer from one of the docs.

PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome, is highly likely to affect your fertility


PCO, polycystic ovaries (not a syndrome) is very common, affects 1in3 women, doesn't necessarily affect fertility and is more to do with the visual appearance of your ovaries which is why they mention it during scans.

Hope this helps X


I was confused over this too. Didn't realise they were 2 different things pco is not as hard as pcos😘

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Nope me neither, everytime I heard pco I thought the worst. They should really explain thing better!


Thank you both for your replys. That really helps, I had no idea PCO and PCOS were different things. Felt very confused and unsettled tonight when I heard that for the first time. Seeing so many different Drs is a nightmare sometimes.

Thanks again xx


Hi hunni I to have recently found out that I'm PCO over 5 years of trying to conceive. (My previous fertility specialist didn't spot it.)After many issues with my period-saw a few gynaes lead to re referral to a fertilty clinic.

I have a son that is turning 18 next week( had him young) it was a shock I suddenly have pco- but actually it's far better to have a reason for it not happening- it was unexplained.

As others have said it's very common- women tend to get it late 20's and early 30's. I don't think PCO goes I think it's always there.

I also have issues with my weight - it's all round my waist- typical PCO-my bmi was just over 30 -found no diets worked-so my consultant recommended a low GI diet- this has been easy to follow and my weight is healthy now. The low GI is beneficial to me as I have high insulin levels-boderline type 2 diabetes. He wanted me to lose weight and lower my insulin levels as clomid will then work better. With pco you are at risk of developing type 2 diabetes-something to be aware of.

He put me on a 100mg dose.I'm on my second cycle of clomid- awaiting for my period to arrive or not! Clomid can delay your period by a few days.

I have not had many side effects - all I have had is hot flushes during the days of taking the drug- I have had the windows all open and hubby has two duvets over him haha! I am more snappy on it-but it's manageable. I also have less fertile mucus-too much info-I use boots fertile gel to top if up-to help the sperm travel! The things we have to do hey!!

The first month wasn't good as I used ovulation sticks and didn't see a LH surge-had a complete meltdown- had a progestrone blood test which confirmed ovulation occurred.

My advice is not to use ovulation tests as clomid can affect the results of the tests-something they definitely don't put on the back of the packets.

I would work out your shortest and longest cycle length and start trying two weeks before the shortest cycle to twelve days before your longest cycle length. Try every other to maximise your chances.

Generally you should ovulate 6-12 days after taking your last clomid tablet. I used to see a LH surge on cd8 -which was too early to ovulate-my consultant said clomid would resolve that issue. Clomid can really balance many hormonal imbalances out.

If I have success I will let you know- happy stories help us to keep going.

Good luck with the clomid - I hope if brings you a BFP 💕💕💕


Thanks so much for sharing your story. Thank you for the info. I wish you success with clomid and hope you get your BFP too.

I'm looking forward to starting it and seeing if it can make a difference and I'll hopefully get my BFP too.

Thanks and good luck xx



I had PCO and wasn't ovaluting so got put on 50g of chomid :)

Only side effects were hot flushes the five days I took it really!

Igot my BFP on my six month of taking it! Currently 35w+4!

Good luck X



Thanks so much for sharing your happy story. Feeling positive about trying it. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy.

Thanks again xx

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