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Fourth failed round of Clomid and feeling numb - success stories of IVF for polycystic ovaries?


So have just had negative test after fourth round of Clomid. Had resigned myself to the fact this round wouldn’t work just like the three before it and feel quite numb. We have one more round then IVF but to be honest don’t feel like doing more Clomid as the ‘timed intercourse’ is so stressful and it seems the chances of it actually working for us are so small anyway, but obviously want to do as much as we can so will take it. Pencilled in for IVF in October which just feels forever away, lots of time for baby showers/people obviously wondering if I’m pregnant/generally feeling rubbish about the whole thing etc in the meantime.

As we all do I know I’ll pick myself up and get on with things but I always find the day of a negative test just the worst.

Does anyone have success stories (or otherwise) of IVF for polycystic ovaries? Just need to try and be positive that at least we have this as a plan if last Clomid round fails.

Hope everyone is doing ok and sending best wishes x

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Two people I am friends with (with polycyclic ovaries) both got pregnant first time from ivf, one on standard short protocol and one on mild ivf. That’s not to give false hope as obviously sometimes it doesn’t work first time, but that’s just two success stories for you!xxx

Star15 in reply to Orla9298

Thanks for your reply. It’s encouraging to hear the IVF success stories, although as you say there’s no guarantee it’ll work for us... But clinic seem to think that with my diagnosis IVF success rates are quite high. Fingers crossed...! X

I'm sorry I'm not sure of the best thing to say to when you've already been through so much but I know that it sometimes helps just to know that you have support and people that care (even if you don't know them!). Just wanted to say that I wish you all the best x

I’m so sorry truly gutted for you. This journey is really shite. I wish I had some words which ease your pain. I think you’re right to look into other options. For me I find it helpful to have as many options available it eases the pressure a little. How come they don’t give 6 rounds of ? They gave me 6 rounds. When you are back at the clinic ( hopefully not & you fall next cycle) I’d ask what other options are available. I know I was offered ovarian drilling for my ovaries with my lap n dye; it’s a good option. My fertility doctor said it would make you naturally ovulate for 9 months after the surgery. I didn’t end up having my ovaries drilled as he said they were normal & it was endometriosis which is the cause of our infertility. Lots of hugs hun 🤗xoxo

Star15 in reply to jess1981

Yes shite is correct! When we last saw the consultant after our third failed round she said she was in two minds about us continuing Clomid/starting IVF, think if I’d been younger she would’ve said to continue with Clomid before IVF but due to my age doesn’t want to leave starting IVF too late. Due to waiting lists we should be starting IVF in October which we thought meant I’d have one more Clomid cycle but because of the length of my cycles it may be too tight to do Clomid this month in case it impacts on being able to take the contraceptive pill in preparation for IVF. Nurse is calling me today to discuss options. It might be that we have time to do one more Clomid round then IVF, or she might say there isn’t time for more Clomid if we want to start IVF in October. Which I guess means we have to decide if we are happy to forgo any more Clomid in the hope that the IVF is the way for us, or that we ask for more Clomid and put the start of IVF off, but I’m aware of my age and success rates reducing... Lots to think about. Nothing is easy in this crazy journey...

How are things with you? X

jess1981 in reply to Star15

Ask the nurse about ovary drilling & then you wouldn’t need to take any meds to boost ovulation.

I hope the nurse appointment goes well 👌🏻

No this journey isn’t easy that’s for sure!

I’m okay thank you . We are in our first trying cycle ( no surge yet) since my lap and hope now the endo has been removed from my uterus ligament & hope we have a better chance 👌🏻 We feel more positive about trying ❤️

I managed to get Seroma in my belly button incision 😷 my nurse practitioner treated it on Thursday ( I’d had it 4.5 weeks post op silly me thought it was healing) and because it was so bad I will probably have to go back next week and & get treated again. 🙈I think having so many surgeries within such a short space of time has taken its toll on my body ( 3 laps within 13 months and this 2 of those were 4 months apart) I’ve got to go back to see my endo surgeon 22nd August who is insistent I see him . ☹️I still have issues happening during my periods & they are debating to send me to a colorectal specialist there ( I have an appt to see the professor there or to my local hospital via my fertility doctor) I don’t want anymore invasive procedures. 🙈

I get the age thing I’m 37 this year & definitely not getting any younger 🤣🤣🤣

Let me know how your appointment goes xoxo


Hi Star15. Unfortunately Clomid is not for everyone, but having PCOS, IVF can be more controlled, so hopefully it may be the correct decision for you. As you say, nothing is certain, but if you don't try, you might regret not having a go. Good luck with whatever you do decide and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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