Bfn 😭😭😭

Totally gutted. Dreamt we got a bfp and woke up all set and knew straight away on test it was negative. Gutted. Just feeling like we have become another statistic and not really sure what to do with ourselves now. Guess life just has to return to normal after a mad couple of months. What is normal now??? Just have to get back on with it and try again I guess😩thanks to everyone out there for your support..hopefully good news for you all next time xxxx

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  • Hugs to you 💕

  • So sorry to hear this Vic 😔 xxx

  • Thanks xxx

  • Oh Vic, I'm so sorry to hear this, sending you lots of love. Hopefully you can treat yourselves, be kind and come up with a plan. Really sorry to hear this xxx

  • Yes I need a plan like become younger😉 seriously you are right I need a plan. Posted letter already for review appointment but just read on nhs website a 2nd round can be between 6 to 11 months..I think I will certainly have gone mad by then and out on a ton of weight no doubt😧my goodness we women are so strong to go through this..thanks for your support xx

  • :( so gutted for you. Big hugs and love xx

  • Thank you so so much..think I have helped Kleenex profits hugely today 😭😭😭😭xx

  • So sorry to hear this sending you hugs x

  • Thank you so so much xxx

  • Aaah honey I'm so sorry💔

  • What a week for us both 😭😭😭how are you doing??? Hugs xxx

  • Hey I know💔went for a follow up today, doctor Doesnt know how it happened, or why it failed but now is thinking insemination instead of Ivf.

    Also told no sex till period comes as I'm still stuffed full of eggs💕kind of tempting but not stupid enough to risk multiples


    Going to look after myself, beta still not 0

  • Oh no hunni I'm so sorry. I know there no words that will make you feel better- just to let you know I'm thinking of you. Hope you feel better in time big hugs 🤗 x x x

  • Thanks Jess means a lot xxx

  • I feel your pain!! Got my bfn yesterday, feel in a kind of limbo land and bit numb after thinking what could of been. Just have to dust ourselves off and accept we are making up the awful lot of us have to I spose. Look after yourself and good luck if you try again 🍀xx

  • Thanks sjt82. Your treatment sounded very similar to mine. I can't stop crying today and feel exhausted😭😭😭. Just so so sad all that hope and now nothing. We will dust ourselves off for sure..nothing else for it. We have one more shot on nhs so will give that a go but no clue how long a wait there will be. Hope today is better for you than yesterday. Are you going to try again? Xxx

  • I think we get one more nhs go, but have to give it 6 months. Feels like a lifetime away again now, but at least we are getting another go before it starts getting expensive. xx

  • BFN are rubbish look after yourself xxx

  • Thanks button...I can't stop crying and now worried about length of time on nhs for next appointment...I know we need time but just so so did you cope? Xxx

  • It is awful and nothing anyone says or does makes it any easier. On the NHS I was able to start again on my 3rd period including this one, I always find it easier when I know what's next and have something to focus on xxx

  • Take the time you need physically and emotionally, you'll be glad you did💕

  • Im so sorry I dont know how id cope :( lots of hugs xxx

  • Thanks Pmauz..not really sure how I will cope as not sure what happens next..guess we wait on nhs for another cycle. I am a planner so now I just feel I want to know when next cycle will be so I can plan for that but I am guessing there will be quite a wait to torture me even more..oh back to work I go surrounded by pregnant woman and plenty of hankies in my car for when I need to dash out and weep😭😭😭xx

  • Oh no! surrounded by pregnant people that sucks going back to work back to normal is bad enough i feel for you, I dunno what it is about pregnant people but I really struggle with that too :( I hope you have plenty of support there as well if you do need a good cry. After so much waiting it must be so hard to start another wait for another cycle, do you get more free goes? If this round fails I will try to comfort myself with that fact.

  • One more go so pressure really be on then😬😬😬😬so much love and luck to you on this cycle xx

  • I'm really sorry to hear ur sad news vic77. It's such an intense period of time as it is without getting a negative at the end of it all. Hugs your way. Xxx

  • Thanks skybid wishing you so much luck for this week xxxx

  • Really sorry to hear your news. I know how devastating it can be. Just be kind to yourself and get lots of tlc xx

  • Vic I'm so sorry to read this :( Sending hugs x x x

  • Thanks. We are heartbroken and devastated. I feel so empty..I can't think of any other word. Period here which is horrible and a reminder of failure and back to work yesterday and it like last 3 weeks haven't happened however I somehow feel like a different person now. Maybe I am just having a bad day😭😭😭thanks for your message xxx

  • It will take time I'm sure. The process takes over your whole life, the jabs and routine of it all become normal and afterwards there's a void on top of the inevitable disappointment. You are entitled to your bad days, don't be so hard on yourself. I hope you start to feel brighter and more positive in the coming weeks you won't feel like it now but you'll get there x x x

  • Thanks so so much mommabear xxx

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