Test day and as suspected it's a BFN! Not shocked as knew half way through tww that it was not meant to be! We have both been pretty gutted but we know it's not the end as we still get to try again soon so trying to stay positive for what is a truly rough journey! Congratulations to everyone who got their bfp so far it gives me hope that I'll get mine one day 😁 xxx

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  • Sorry to hear that Robb. We always look for hope. Hope you and OH are ok. Look after yourselves. Big hugs xxx

  • Sorry for your bfn xx

  • Urg so sorry Hun, I'm gutted for you, be kind to yourself over the next few days. Sending you a big hug xx

  • So sorry to hear this look after yourself and sending hugs xx

  • Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I was the same, also getting another shot soon so trying to be positive . Good luck xx

  • Take care x

  • so sorry to read this xx

  • Sorry to hear this, I don't know you're story but for me I had a fail, well an early loss, then then next cycle worked, well has so far. I wish you all the luck in the world xx

  • So sorry!! 😒xx

  • So sorry to hear this Robb. Big hugs x

  • Do not give up hope you will get your happiness. I feel your pain big hugs x

  • Very sorry you did not have better news. Thinking of you and admire your fighting spirit xx

  • Sorry to read this, look after yourself x

  • Thank you ladies! Your all so fab! Not giving up yet xxx

  • Hi There,

    So sorry to hear this for you, I am testing tomorrow super nervous. How did you know you were going to get a BFN?

    If you don't mind me asking?

  • Hi no its OK, I started bleeding heavily for two days 8pt5dt so I knew it was my period! Few days before it arrived I had period symptoms just guess I know my body too well! Wishing you lots of luck for tomorrow hope you get your bfp! Xxx

  • So sorry 😒 Take care xxx

  • So sorry to hear this. Take care xxx

  • Thank you! Good luck with your egg collection xxx

  • So sorry about the sad news πŸ˜• Take care of yourself and stay positive love x

  • Sorry to see that you got a BFN, its so sad to get this result after putting ourselves through so much! Sending big hugs!xx

  • Really sorry to hear this. Hope you're ok. Good luck for your next round xx

  • Just wanted you to know i am thinking about you and how much i admire your strength and positivity. I remain hopeful for you and will continue to follow your journey. Wishing you all the best for near future success xxxxxx

  • Thank you! 😘 congratulations on your bfp! Hope it all goes well for you xxx

  • Thank you. I appreciate that :) xxx

  • Sorry to hear you got a bfn.

    I'm doing my test tomorrow. I've been heavy bleeding since 8dpt. I knew it was period so I'm expecting the same result.

    So disappointed xxx

  • I'm sorry to hear this! Hope your OK take care of yourself xxx

  • I got BFN today as well hun. Thinking of you. Xx

  • Aw I'm so sorry 😞 take time and take care xxx

  • Thanks. You too xx

  • Sorry for you bfn ... big hugs xxx

  • Oh no πŸ˜“ I'm so sorry to see this (sorry I'm a bit behind I've been away) I hope you're okay and feeling okay in yourself otherwise ❀️ what are your next steps from here? xx

  • Will get an appointment for a review just to chat about treatment and ask any questions then I guess wait for a date to start again! How are you? Everything OK? Xxx

  • Hi I'm in the same position as you, I've got to wait 6-8 weeks for an appointment, did you have an NHS cycle or private? Xx

  • NHS so get two more attempts! No frozen embryos from last cycle so full treatment again I guess! Tough huh! Xxx

  • Yes I'm okay thank you ❀️ rubbish you've got to start from scratch did you do the long or short protocol? Hoping everything runs smoothly for you from here xx

  • I start day two of my cycle so short protocol?! Started in spray but didn't work so then was on injections so took longer but I guess I'll go back on injections so will be quicker this time xxx

  • I've been told we were only entitled to one cycle on the NHS..... but In between completing this cycle we moved address, so I'm hoping that may make a difference, booked to see my gp to see if she will refer me again to the new bough we live in....x

  • I live in Scotland so slightly different here but depend on your fertility history also but we don't have kids so guess that's why we get three shots! It's not fair it's different rules for different areas! Hope you get another shot at it xxx

  • So sorry to see your BFN- we're in the same boat. Got my BFN in July and seeing the consultant this week to see what happens next. We didn't get any embryos to freeze so will have to start from the beginning next time. Hoping that it will be a little easier as I know a little more about what to expect! Wishing you lots of luck for the future x

  • Thank you! I'm same I didn't know what to expect but I'll be more prepared next time round good luck with your journey hope you get your bfp this time xxx

  • Hi Robb,

    I know its tough just had a negative result yesterday and I feel so heart broken... But I believe that there's a sun that shine after the rain. One day it will be our turn :-) take care

  • Thank you yip we will get our bfp next time xxx

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