I tested this morning (OTD is tomorrow) and saw those words we all hate to see... NOT PREGNANT.

I'm gutted but not surprised, I just hadn't felt the same as when I've been pregnant before, boobs haven't been sore etc... I had a good cry this morning and plenty of cuddles from my fur baby!

I will repeat the test in the morning and then phone my clinic to let them know. I guess they will just tell me to stop the meds and wait for my period as I haven't had any bleeding.

Seems there's been a run of bad news on here the last couple of weeks, let's hope I'm the last to get a bfn for a while xxxx

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  • So sorry to hear this xxx

  • Sorry to hear this. My fur babies were very comforting when I had mine. If you want to chat/stress/rant let me know. x

  • Hi so sorry sprinkles my heart goes out you xxx

  • Sorry to hear the news. Big hugs x

  • 😞 Sorry to hear this xx

  • Sorry to hear this, I don't know what I would do without my fur baby. Look after yourselves xxx

  • Very sorry to read your sad you said, so much heartbreak on here lately 😭 I hope there are better, happier days ahead. Take care of yourself xx

  • Oh sprinkles, I'm so sorry to read this. Take care of yourself. X

  • Big hugs sprinkles. Sorry to read this. xx

  • So sorry to hear your news x

    Take your time and one day I'm sure you will have your miracle x

  • Sorry to read this xx

  • Such a horrible thing to go through, I'm really sorry, sending you lots of hugs x

  • 😒

  • Xxxxxxx

  • I'm sorry ❀️

  • Sorry for the bad news, big hug xoxo

  • So sorry to hear ... big hugs to you x

  • So sorry to hear Hun, big hugs xxx

  • Oh sprinkles that's awful news 😞 I really feel for you. Take care of yourself xx

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