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Final scan


So I have my final scan tomorrow morning mixed emotions as I'm excited to move forward but I'm also scared they are going to tell me the eggs aren't big enough, I'm on the short protocol and I've been injecting gonal f and cetrotide but I've had no symptoms or bruising or anything so it makes me feel like my body isn't doing anything. Is anyone else the same? Xx

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Hi Emma-Jane , in your previous scan how did they tell you your follicles were coming along? As far as I know, if they feel your not responding, they will increase your dosage . So they must feel that your doing just fine. Also again, I'm not a nurse ( maybe Diane can help out here) but being bruised from your injections would not be a measure of how your follices are responding to the stimulation so I wouldn't worry about that. Try not to worry and best of luck for your scan. X


Hi emma-jane-30. Just hoping that you had good news with your follicle scanning, and that they are the right size for your trigger injection. Good luck and thinking of you. Diane

No unfortunately my follicles are just over 10mm which is still not big enough, my womb lineing is fine tho, so they have now out the gonal f up, and getting rescanned Monday injust hope they grow more otherwise they will abort this cycle 😢

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to emma-jane-30

Hi emma-jane-30. Oh dear! You're obviously a slow responder, but this doesn't meant that you won't get up to decent sized follicles. Let's hope that upping the Gonal-F just might do the trick! Thinking of you with everything crossed! Diane

My third fresh cycle was the short protocol and I didn't respond as fast as they thought I would.

Got to the second scan and was told that things should have been bigger, so was continued for a couple more days on the same dose. It didn't make me feel that great when they said most people don't get past needing a second scan.

Try not to stress too much...have you been using a hot water bottle?


Thank you for your reply, I have to say they made me feel awful when they said about maybe having to abort the cycle, but i only started injecting last Thursday and I don't inject till the evening, so really I've only had 7 days so they have upped my gonal does I just hope to got there is some more growth by Monday.

No I haven't used a hot water bottle, should I be?

Was your short protocol successful? Xx


Hopefully it won't come to that if you are happy to continue.

I was told that warmth helps the follicles grow..not to be used after transfer!!

So, here's my history:

First round - long protocol

17 follicles at last scan

12 eggs collected

10 injected with icsi

4 embryos fertilised

Slight OHSS

Day 5 blastocyst transfer of 1x 5ba

1x 5ab frozen

2 progressed for another day, but didn't progress

BFP with missed miscarriage - no heartbeat at 9+5 weeks

Second round - long protocol starting on lower dosage to avoid OHSS again

10 follicles at last scan

6 eggs collected

3 injected with icsi

1 embryo fertilised

Transfer day 2


FET round

Using frozen from first round

BFP with miscarriage at just over 5 weeks

Third Round - short protocol

11 follicles at last scan

8 eggs collected

8 injected with icsi

1 embryo fertilised - they said there was debris in the eggs....I wonder if this was an effect from using DHEA where no monitor blood tests were being done...

Day 3 transfer

BFN - started spotting 5 days before OTD

Oh wow I feel very rude for asking but thank you for sharing your experience with me.

I am so sorry to hear of what you have gone through it's such a heartbreaking process.

I've been so positive so far but today when I heard the word terminate, but just got to stay positive and hope the scan Monday shows an improvement xxx

Oh don't worry, happy to chat about it. Sometimes it just feels like a bad dream!!

I know, it's tough when you are faced with new things. Don't be scared to ask them about any decisions they talk about...

Yeah it is tough, the nurse I spoke with today was very negative so it was quite hard to get a positive answer. It hay ho we shall see how I get on Monday.

But I really appreciate your help xx

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