Final tracking scan πŸ˜¬πŸ˜€

Hi all, well I had my final tracking scan today. As you know at Monday's scan I had 7follicles on each ovary (14total), well today I have 7 on one and 3 on the other (10total) they only count the ones big enough as of today.

I know 10 is a lovely number but feel a little disappointed the number has gone down, was told I have a few more follicles but they're smaller than would like, what's the chances they could get bigger by egg collection Monday? Has anyone else had more on the day?

I really need to give myself a shake I think, I really am a natural born worrier, I need to keep thinking positive and maybe it's quality rather than quantity this time around. I actually do feel much better this time and less side effects so all good there and my uterus is 11+

Well egg collection will be Monday, getting higher dose of sedation this time so feel happy I may not remember anything. Nervous but yet excited at the same time.

If you've got this far then thanks for reading my waffling essay, helps to write it all down lol.

Hope your all well Xxx ❀😊

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  • Hi Flossy,

    Don't judge the numbers until the eggs are retrieved!

    First round I had 14+ follicles by trigger day and ended up with 8 eggs, nothing to transfer.

    Round two they were vaguer on the numbers but they only measured 8 follicles that were larger when they decided when to trigger. I ended up with 15 eggs, I'm pregnant with one and have a whopping 7 high quality blastocysts in the freezer.

    So I've learned two things:

    1. don't go my follicle count on trigger day to determine the quantity of eggs

    2. It's quality over quantity (or the two in combination): percentage wise I did much better second round

    Good luck and let us know how you get on!


  • Wow huge congrats! That's amazing and all blasts too. I'm so glad you replied I feel so much better now. I need to remember I only ever got so many eggs previous because i overstimulated. Fingers crossed for quality xx 😊

  • From one born worrier to another (my grandma and mum were master-level worriers!) TRY NOT TO! I know this is rich coming from Mrs-Panic-Button here but everything is looking good, you are well and there are exciting times ahead.

    Big hugs to you...hang in there xxx

  • Thank you CountryCat oh I know my mum is the same too. I could worry for England ha. Yeah I do feel well which makes a refreshing change, iv usually overstimulated with 40+ follicles by now and hugely bloated and ill so definately feeling much better this time and hoping for a nice fresh transfer instead of a freeze all. Xx

  • Hi flossy, I just wanted to wish you luck. I was told on my last scan I had 2 mature follicules and I had a good few which were around the 15/16 mark, however the night of the trigger shot I was told not to take any more menopur, and at egg collection I got 13 eggs :) so I just want you to know that even after your last scan to egg collection your follicules will contuine to grow. I'm due for transfer on Monday xxx hoping this is our time! X

  • P.s it's definitely quality over quantity xxxx

  • Oh wow that's amazing NDE1987! Such a leap in the amount you got compared to your final scan, they definately Must keep growing then 😊 I feel miles better knowing this, the consultant did say there was a few more follicles there but didn't count them as not big enough yet. Think they just counted the nice big juicy ones. I did my last stim injection last night, last cetrotide this morning all that's left to do is trigger shot tonight Eek πŸ˜€. Good luck for Monday will keep my fingers crossed for you, hope your resting up & drinking plenty of water. Its got to be our time hun πŸ˜ŠπŸ’— Xxx

  • Awww hope so Hun!! I had a rubbish cycle last time so it's a big change this time around. But I'm not getting my hopes up as I have had alot of despair during this journey and I know you should take one day at a time and so much can change. But be happy to know that on your egg collection you may get more. On my first cycle i got only 3 eggs and I was so sad. But I had a change in medication this time around xx

  • It sounds so much more promising for you this time around, things seem to have gone really well so far, here's hoping for good news onwards 😊 it's definitely wise to take each day at a time, it can be a huge rollercoaster and the hormones don't help matters. On both my last 2cycles I was really ill especially the last time with severe ohss so I do feel a lot better this time around. Hoping for a nice fresh transfer. Good luck will pop hy to see how your doing so keep us updated xx ❀

  • Aww I will do, hopefully you won't get OHSS this time. I felt I'll yesterday, like body ache and because of the progesterone pressie I have been having stomach aches! But feel much better today. Last cycle I did have a grade 1 embryo and it didn't stick, hence why I'm still being caucious and taking one day at a time x

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