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Final review cancelled

I had my first ivf through the NHS and unfortunately when they went to collect my eggs I had none. I've had to wait a month and a half for my review appointment and I've just had a letter to day the appointment been cancelled. I'm very frustrated as I now will be paying privately but just want this final appointment so I can see what they found out and why it failed this time. I called them and they said I have to wait for them to send me a new appointment date in the post. I know IVF treatments are more successful if you do them within a certain amount of time after each one...I'm so upset! I feel a bit lost!

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Awww Hun that's rubbish & so frustrating!

They have no idea that this takes over people's lives and consumes you & now they've technically put your life on hold. It's not fair. I'd keep phoning in the hope of an earlier appointment/cancellation or something. Doesn't seem fair they are prolonging the information you so desperately require in order to go forward!

Wishing you lots of luck hun. Hope you hear soon. Xx


They really don't! I think you're right...I will keep calling! Thank you!


go to your MP he or she will sort it out for you


How frustrating. I was in a similar position to yourself. I had 3 eggs collected but they didn't fertilise, I was told eggs weren't mature enough, even though I'd been stimming for nearly 2 weeks!!! On short protocol ( nothing short about it). I was only on 112.5 then increased to 150, this was due to me having pcos. Bloods and everything was fine age was on my side , I'm 31. To say I was devastated was an understatement, I didn't even know that things like this could happen , I just wasn't prepared for no egg to be put back in after all the drugs and egg collection.

I totally get how you feel and that you want answers. Just wanted to reply so you know you r not alone. People that have not been through ivf could never understand all the ups and downs involved. I was one of those people who thought Yeh you can't have a baby so I will ivf and it will work (if only it was so simple).

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I tried to be realistic but also was very hopefully so when they found no eggs I was so shocked. Especially as all my tests before didn't show I had any issues. I'm 31 too so lucky for both of us we do have time and the Dr did say that this happens sometimes, next time it might be different but I hate all this waiting about...it's driving me a bit insane!


Hello Casbah, we're getting ready to start our first round and I know I would find this really difficult to deal with so I'm sorry to hear you've had this experience. I'm no expert but I expect the NHS will take the learning from this round and adjust your meds for round 2. I hope you get an appointment soon. Checking for cancellations is a good idea. Take care x


Thanks! I'm not very good at dealing with the unknown...I know they will be able to do something next time to target the issue! Good luck with you ivf, fingers crossed. Stay positive but also try and stay realistic too.


Casbah, my advice would be not to wait for your review. If you have already decided to go private start researching for a clinic now and make an appointment. Contact your NHS clinic and get the form you need to obtain a copy of your file. You have to pay, we paid £50 assume the same for every NHS clinic. To be honest your file/notes is all you need for your private consultation as they will have all the info they need. my last follow/review with my NHS clinic was a waste of time. It is shocking that they have made you wait so long then cancel on you. Yes private can be expensive but they can use different drugs/methods that the NHS will not fund. The NHS is a marvellous thing and we are so lucky but they do have limitations.

Good luck hun x


Thank you so much, great advice! We are going to an open evening at a clinic Thursday so I think you're right that we shouldn't wait. That's helped my mind set too.


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