Final Scan and EC

Had my final scan this morning and there was 5 large follicles on my right ovary but the left ovary is lying back behind the uterus again. So the Doctor said they would concentrate on the 5 follicles, but is that too small a number? He seemed quite pleased with that number but to me it doesn't seem enough. What do you all think?

My EC is in two days and I'm really nervous. Out of the whole process the collection was the bit I'd been dreading.

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  • Hi,

    I'm looking at EC on Thursday/ Friday (waiting for call to advise) and had my final scan today too. My left ovary also sits behind my uterus but the nurse advised this wouldn't be a problem as they have ways of manipulating it to move around during collection. Fingers crossed all goes well for you xxx

  • Thanks for your response. That's good news if they are able to get it to move because the Doc mentioned that there were 4 more follicles on the left one. Good luck to you too, hope everything goes well xxx

  • when i had last scan before egg collection, the doctor said that there were about 4-5 follicles on each side of ovary and the doctor found 15 eggs at egg i think that was a good number of follicles..good luck.

  • Thank you, that has eased a bit of worry for me. Much appreciated xxx

  • Hi lisaboyle36. Just hoping all goes well with the egg collection. just make sure you have good sedation beforehand, and you will be fine. just in case they need to poke about a bit. They will look after you. Good luck! Diane

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