The journey it's starting!!

Hi ladies it's been a long time since I post but now I'm feeling pretty confident that my time it's coming. After two surgeries and a couple of months to think about everything I finally step up and booked my firt appointment to be a egg sharer, I confess I was afraid of the results because I've been reading so many stories here that I went already having negative thoughts.

On my first consultation I had to the some blood tests and a scan and a week later my boyfriend had to do a sperm test and that's when we would know if I was a good candidate to egg sharing. So this week we went back and as soon we came in the the doctors office my heart start pounding so fast just to hear the good news they wanted my amh leves to be above 7 and they were 18 so I was relieved and the hubby got the πŸ‘ as well so we went straight to the counselor and after that we went to speak to the infertility nurse who explained every step that we are going to take, gave us the consent forms and I was send for more blood tests. Now we just have to wait for the results because one test will take up to five weeks. For me it seems all surreal but I'm so happy, hopefully they think we can start in December so it's a early Christmas present already.. Now just praying for a match as soon as possible so I can have my baby and help someone achieve their dream

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  • Good luck honey 🌻 πŸ€πŸ€ hope this is your time and your generosity is rewarded πŸ’•

  • Hi pinto08- long time no see! Lovely to have you back! Glad to hear you're ok πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

    What an amazing thing you're doing ☺️

    When I looked into egg sharing it only took four weeks to be matched- I don't think yours will take long.

    Sadly due to many gynae issues I had to cancel IVF- to keep a very long story short I have discovered I have pco and I'm currently on my second round of clomid.

    All the very best with the IVF -hope it all goes quickly.

    Wishing you a lovely positive πŸ’•πŸ‘£x

  • Hi Jess yes it's been a long time , can't believe you are still strugling with problems but at least now you are going foward.

    Really hope so I'm more than ready to start

  • You are a brave and generous woman. I wish you all the luck in the world with your journey.

  • Thank you but what I'm doing a lot more have done so really hope in the end it works both ways.

  • What a wonderful thing to do, I inquired about doing this but sadly my AMH was too low and I may need a donor myself so thank you on behalf of whoever ends up with one of your eggs and wishing your lots of luck for your cycle x x x

  • Thank you I'm really sorry for your news that was my bigest fear being rejected for being to low but luckily it was a good number. It's hard but like me there's others doing the same so don't give up because one day you'll have your baby

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