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Low AMH that has increased - my journey so far

I am a noob to forums and have never used them before.

My journey so far - went to GP in 2014 And underwent the normal testing, my husband and I had been ttc for 18 mths at his point. All tests came back within the "normal ranges" and OH sample was all well above average.

We were referred to nhs ivf specialist and again underwent all the normal testing (hsg, blood tests, transvaginal scans) and did a round of clomid which all went well but no pregnancy.

By the time all the testing was complete it was the end of 2016 and we were offered another round of clomid or the option to go ahead with ivf. I didn't see much point with another round of clomid and wanted to push on. We were provided with a choices form to pick one of the 4 ivf clinics offered and told that I would need to have a blood test for my amh and as long as this was 5.4 or above we could push forward. Those results came back in Feb 2017 and it was not good, my amh was at 3.0. Our consultant wanted to rerun the bloods test even though "she would get into trouble", she had a couple of other patients get incorrect results. Another test in March 2017 confirmed my amh at 2.3. It was devastating news but there was nothing my consultant could do for us as our ccg's guidelines state they have to be 5.4 or above and we were sent away.

In August 2017 I started my first private ivf cycle and surprisingly it all went very well, and I felt ok doing it all (My husband works away for 2 weeks at a time and I'm pretty sure this helped me just get on with it). At EC I got 6 eggs, 5 of which fertilised. All 5 made it to day 3 and we were advised to take them on to day 5. At day 5 were were left with 3 embryos, one top quality and the other 2 not doing so well. I had the top quality embryo transfer however a bfn and the other 2 we were advised that they would not be viable. We had a follow up with our private consultant and he said that all went very well and we discussed the changes to my medication if we went ahead with another cycle. My husband and I decided we needed time to recover, emotionally and financially however I wanted to find out what my amh was doing.

Early Sept 2017 we paid our private clinic for the blood test, surprisingly the result of this blood test came back at 7.5, I was in shock, this had increased (3.0 and 2.3 respectively) and his funding needing this to be 5.4 and above.

I went back to my gp in Sept 2017 and asked to be referred immediately back to the nhs.

Im Dec 2017 I finally had my first appt with my nhs consultant (The same lovely lady as before). She said I would need to have my amh retested by them as it's their policy that the test is done in the nhs lab. A further 8 weeks of waiting for the result to be ready and my amh is at 6.2 as at Feb 2018. I now meet the nhs guidelines in my area for amh. But I have to be retested again for fsh and who knows what else, i will find out next week exactly what.

It has concerned me throughout my process that I've been told amh is an indicator of egg reserve and as stated by NICE directly to me in an email, amh should not on a month to month basis change. You're told egg reserve is what it is and this does not increase with egg reserve decreasing with age.

I cannot be the only person who has had their amh increase. 3 of my blood tests were undertaken by the same lab and it would be interesting to find out if this has happened to anyone else. It also concerns me that there are other woman out there that have been turned away due to low AMH. I am hoping this post helps someone.

Im just hoping next week goes well and all future tests come back fine to enable us to go ahead with our nhs funded cycles, the financial pressures do not help.

Good luck x

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That’s amazing to see your AMH went up. Mine is very low at 1 and have been told over and over again that it won’t go up. I have an appointment with my gynecologist coming up so going to ask her what she thinks.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, its got me curious about my situation.

I hope you will be able to get an nhs funded cycle now. xx


Thank you x It's definitely worth asking. And I'm sorry that we are both in the low range but hope this gives a little hope. Fingers crossed for you. Although i am still in the low range for my age, between my worst and best readings, it's over a 200% increase and that has got to mean something. Good luck for your appt x


Thank you for the post, i am also low AMH so am pleased to see there is some hope for increase. Is there anything you did that you think contributed towards this increase? Xx


I have no idea how this has happened. My private consulstant says that test results can differ from lab to lab due to conditions and techniques, but for 3 of my results to come from the same lab has baffled me especially with being told it wont go up. Following my failed cycle in Aug 2017 I know I have sleep extremely well but my diet and exercise and even my supplements have all remained the same as before. I would definitely like to see if anyone else has had the same experience. Good luck to you x

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Baffling! Well at least its gone up! That's great news for u, whatever the reason 💞


Wow. What a puzzling situation. I have no experience to offer you re; your post but I just want to wish you well on your journey xx


Hello, I was turned away for low AMH and it was totally devastating and I'm still coming to terms with it. I also had more blood tests for my FSH which was 35 and they said I am pre menopausal and to look at egg donation, the doc also said there is absolutely nothing that I can do to change my FSH but reading women on here it seems that is not the case, it's so stressful and confusing, hope you're ok x


Mine has been 2.2 and 4.5. I’ve read that a vitamin D deficiency can give a false low amh reading so maybe you were a bit deficient and now it’s more optimal?x


I should also add - i suggest you test your fsh privately on medichecks (a finger prick test in the post) just to check it before you let it go officially on your record - if this is your one and only chance for nhs funding then I would do this day 3 of our next cycle (maybe tell the nhs you’re on holiday on your next day 3!)

Then if it’s high you can try and do something about it. They will likely want it below 9. Mine was 22.5 and I slowly got it down to 9 and snuck into nhs funding, I think it’s the dhea that helped.

Also, as another cheat, the fsh test is a day 2-5 test (they prefer day 3) but the earlier you go I think the lower it is... so go on day 2!xx

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Thank you Orla9298 for you responses they are very helpful. My fsh last time was "nornal" so fingers crossed this time. I note that you have had thyroid issues. Me too and I am currently prescibed 75mcg daily. There are so many things to consider and what's normal and what's not. I've read about dhea previously but neither of my consultants have suggested using it. Good luck to you x


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