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7 cell & 6 cell embryos transferred at day 3 today

So had the day 3 call today to say they wanted to transfer two little ones today (was a bit disappointed that they didn't get to blastocyst).

Has anyone that has had a 3 day transfer with a 7 cell got a positive pregnancy?

They are keeping an eye on my other few to see if they will be suitable to freeze but it didn't sound hopeful...they were all 4 or 5 cells.

Any successes may cheer me up???!'

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Hey skybid I posted similar to you only yesterday. I had a hell of a day. I had two embryos transferred at day 3 which was a shock ..one 8 cell and one 5 cell so add that up and we have same number of cells😜. Yesterday I felt so disappointed and sad and after some sleep (not much) and a serious word with myself I feel much better..oh and we had none to freeze either. Look at some great advice others gave me. Also I figure not much else has changed really except you have two wee embryos instead of one home where they belong a little earlier than thought. I googled like a mad woman yesterday and loads of success stories..I think it boils down to your personal situation too..my age and lack of eggs meant they saw day 3 and two embryos as best chance of success and I am going to put my faith in the experts😀I realised today me stressing and being all negative was only going to cause my wee embryos to feel uncomfortable too so need to prioritise them and what is done now is done. Hugs to your two wee embryos and good luck and hug to you too 🍀🍀🍀🍀xxxx



Thanks for your message. I too struggle with quality due to my age. First cycle only one made it to blastocyst, last cycle had two transferred but were told they were slow growers so this time I think we had a better fertilisation rate and a small chance that the others might make it to day 5 & with the possibility of freezing so I'm taking this cycle as the most positive. I've had the scratch and glue again and I'm hoping for a positive this time as I'm not sure where we will go from here if we don't get a BFP.

Good luck to you! Sending positives your way! Xx


I had the same scenario as you in the summer and all turned out great for me and I'm now 11 weeks pregnant! 😀

I had 14 collected eggs on a Friday and 11 fertilised so I was really positive and excited but then on the Sunday when they said only two had survived and they recommended 3dt I was gutted and convinced it wouldn't work. I had both put back due to the quality and one worked!

Good luck! Try to be positive 😘

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Hi Skybid. Just wanted to wish you well for implantation and a positive result. Thinking of you. Diane


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