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5 embryos grade 1 - DAY 3

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I received a call from my clinic as it's the 3rd day and my transfer is scheduled for Wednesday, 8 eggs were fertilized and we've been informed 5 have made it to today with excellent grading. They didn't mention what happened to the other 3 and what grades they were?

I believe we can use / freeze anything up to 2.5 grade? Please shed some light before I sound very stupid to the clinic...

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Glad you have got some good embies there. Sorry I don't know much about freezing. xx

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Rubinaa in reply to N_M_10

Thank you

I don't really understand the whole grading, but if they are good quality by day 5 you'll then be freezing. Wait 2 more days and you'll get more info.

Good luck 🍀🤞🏻

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Rubinaa in reply to C_L_A_I_R_E

Yep can't wait till tomorrow!!!

Great news you some some embryos!! Good start, babies just all the way xx

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Rubinaa in reply to Gifty2018

Thank you 💋

All sounds very positive 🤞 Don't no much about grading etc, some can,be a little slower than others , every clinic is different, but they will freeze any of them good enough, so try not to worry, we have 2 still developing and they are on day 6 today, just want to wish you all the best for transfer tomorrow, it's such an amazing day , good luck keeping everything crossed for you 🤞❤️🌈👣

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Rubinaa in reply to Sunshine09

Thank you so much sunshine... I have a fountain of feelings arising from inside, it's a mixture of confused, happy and everything else as this is the closest we have ever reached... it's our first time. I am having 3 transferred!!!

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Sunshine09 in reply to Rubinaa

I can imagine , only natural, Woosar 3!!! All the best wish you every success , keep us posted 🤞🌈🌈🌈💋💋

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Rubinaa in reply to Sunshine09

Definitely. Will keep you all posted xx

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