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3 embryos transferred today day 5 blastocyst

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Hello everyone,

2nd round of ivf. Went for my transfer today day 5, and to my amazement the embryologist decided to put back all 3 give me the maximum chance of pregnancy given my age is 45. I am so so scared of multiple pregnancy. Has anyone else had 3 embryos transferred together. I was assured its very unlikely we will have multiple pregnancies. Less than 1% chance still very frightened. Has anyone else had a similar situation. Would love to know.

Wish me luck ladies

Thanking you all for your support

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Hey lady,

I've looked at lots of online research and twins seem to stop at 41 - with all the studies I've seen showing maximum of 10% at that age. Ladies on here who've had multiple embryos transferred - still single pregnancy.

Having three transferred has just done wonders for your likelihood of one sticking.

I'm going to put as many in as possible if I get any blastocysts - but I won't know that for another week.

Well done!


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Hope45 in reply to SparkleCock

Thankyou so much

I’ve got a friend who had IVF twins at 47 so multiples passed 41 is possible! Good luck and fingers crossed for you hun x

Wow 3 in ! You have got optimum chances and all fingers crossed for sticky babies. Xxx

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Hope45 in reply to crisps88

Thank you so much

I’ve had 4 put in first time, 3 the 2nd and third 😬 I got my baby the last round 😍.

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Hope45 in reply to Blondyboo

Thankyou for sharing.

I had a double transfer, I'm 30 with no known issues (unexplained IF) and have ended up pregnant with a single baby. Having a multiple transfer just gives you the best chance of one sticking. I really hope you get your positive 🤞🏻x

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Hope45 in reply to Kitcat12

Thankyou so much.. Main factor was age im fit and healthy. But age isn't on my side

Wow 3 embies 😃

I’m 39 and 2days ago had my transfer with 2 embryos.

I have 26 months baby girl from my second cycle just one was put in ...this time I have 2 on board so what God gives hun 🙏🙏

Welcome in 2ww xx

Wishing you the best. Day 3 or 5 put back

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Olivia1980xxx in reply to Hope45

Day 5 hun . Xx

I'm 45 and had 3 put back. I'm now nearly 17 weeks pregnant with one!

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Hope45 in reply to Muppetgirl

Excellent news.. Wishing you the best have you had any screening done.

Hope all goes well

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Muppetgirl in reply to Hope45

Not sure what you mean by screening. I had growth hormone during my IVF cycle (more for egg quality than quantity) and had tested my natural killer cells which were high. Normally one treatment if NKC is Humira but I couldn't have that so had some drugs that are usually used for transplant patients to lower my immune system. We had a blood test at 11 weeks pregnant to test health of baby - all came back negative which is good. The things we do!

I had 3 day 3 embryos put back on my first cycle last year aged 41. I got my 8 month old son out of it. xx

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Excellent that's amazing. Did you have any screening done.

Thanking you

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I pray that would be my story in a few days too.

Hi I had three Blastos put back in November and got my bfp with a singleton pregnancy. Good luck xx

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Hope45 in reply to Daisy1245

Thankyou so much

I had 2 pgs normals put back in and only 1 stuck. 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant with him today. Good luck to you! Xx

Thankyou so much for sharing

My day5 blastocyst transfer...even I have got 3 embryos transferred...getting slight lower back pain....and some times pain in stomach rarely though...but frequent urination...though these are my period symptoms too...nervous

I am currently day 6 post Day 3 embryo transfer and i also had 3 embryo,s put back as am 38 with stage 4 endometriosis.I pray at least one sticks.This is my 6th and last cycle as my body is tired and this time we used Donor eggs.Guys pray for me.

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HANAHANA in reply to

Good luck!I hope all went well with you?

Sadly it was a BFN.Iv cried my heart out and this is the end of the journey for me.Thank you for checking in on me.

Good decision! Very unlikely to have multiple and increases your chances of having your little one! That’s what my doctor recommends too for older woman. Good luck!

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