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Can I ask folk for any advice regarding the vaginal pessaries I have been given to use after egg collection. Like for example what were folks routine? Do you shower before or after use in the morning as I know I have to lie down for 20 minutes after and do you insert while lying down? Sorry to ask so many questions just panicking a bit this morning and want to get it rightπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  • Hi Hun, you only have to lie down if you insert in your front bum (as I call it), I always inserted via my back bum after my usual morning routine on the toilet πŸ™ˆ, then had a shower etc, I hope this helps xx

  • Thanks so much. I was told to insert front bumπŸ˜‚ to be honest think I prefer my option😧😱😱xx

  • Haha I don't blame you xx

  • I actually found them easier to insert whilst sitting on the toilet, although I did lose a couple down the loo ! 😬 I also found, the higher you can get it, the less messy they are, I always used it before my shower! Best of luck! X

  • Thanks jam1982. Xx

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