Cyclogest advice please

Hello lovely people!

So I'm day 3 of taking these cyclogest pessaries and ouch! I've got really painful bloating especially after I eat. It's so bad I'm only comfortable lying down (bit difficult at work 😂) and I'm eating less as a result. Anyone have any great tips to ease my discomfort please?

We've got potential egg transfer tomorrow or Saturday. 13 of our 17 eggs fertilised and I just want to create the best environment ready for transfer.

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  • Sounds like you might have mild OHSS as they took out quite a lot of eggs? Drink loads (like 3 litres per day), eat extra protein and salt and it'll go down a little. Good luck!

  • Thank you I wondered that after consulting Dr Google this morning 😂. I've definitely upped my water intake. Was at work yesterday and was not focused on it enough. Will add a bit of salt in too see if that helps. Already doing the protein hopefully should feel better today xx

  • Hi I didn't have the same symptom - am taking them rectally instead of vaginally as advised by my clinic. Have you tried that? Ask your nurse first though before you change. It may help?

  • Good idea! I haven't had one this morning as waiting to hear if they want me in for a transfer today or not so might try that instead! Thank you x

  • HiAmt17. I think you've cottoned on now! You had a big result with your egg collection, so I think your ovaries are still a bit active. Just continue with extra water to help calm them down again. If really uncomfortable, then you can take some paracetamol, unless something else has been prescribed for you. No anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Hope you soon feel better. Diane

  • Thank You! Who knew water could be so healing? Felt better yesterday and better again today. Still bloated but not as uncomfortable now thank you. Egg transfer is tomorrow - eeek! Xxx

  • Hi Amt17. Good to hear you're feeling better. Your tummy will settle in a day or two. Good luck with the transfer tomorrow. Diane

  • Thank you xx

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