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Worth going to Spain for 2nd attempt with Own eggs?


Hi guys

Turning 45 in January, AMH only 3.1 but FSH, oestradiol,LH etc all good,day 2 scan showed 4 small follies on 1 side and only 1 bigger on left side so I am aware chances are very slim but not quite ready to let go of the idea of my own eggs yet after only 1 failed natural IVF cycle in the UK last April. Obviously I need to act quick if any clinic were to help me as 45 is the cut off!

I'm in touch with a co-ordinator for Fertility clinics overseas and I stressed that I am not quite ready to accept the donor route yet but was doing the research none the less. I think because there were no eggs at retrieval on our IVF, I sort of feel that I never got a full go or a fair shot. She suggested why not try once more with my own eggs at one of the clinics she deals with in Spain. She has sent my results to them to see if they would offer a different approach (ie higher meds etc ) to my previous clinic.

Its quite nice letting someone just take over but on the other hand am I setting myself up for more stress with having to sort accommodation, flights, not knowing how long I need to be there and my partner struggling to get any, if all the time off work? Or should I look at it that it will be a break from the norm at the same time albeit a booze free break!!!

Has anyone gone abroad for treatment as opposed to UK with their own eggs? and what was your experience?

Sorry for waffling! Im stressing!!!


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I certainly know how your feeling as I'm in the same boat.

I know that a lot of UK clinics don't treat women past 44 but the rules may be a little more flexible abroad.

I think if I was going abroad, I'd probably go somewhere like Spain - please let me know how you get on.

However, I was told about a clinic in the Ukraine (not sure if I would go there) they also arrange your accommodation, pick you up from the airport - this is the web address if you want to just take a look eviternity.org.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do and I will be in touch again soon x

Hi I am in a similar position. Had 2 failed ivf when.i was 40. Would consider going abroad but unsure where to go and who to contact x

72cloud9 in reply to donnam

Hi Donman, sorry to hear about your failed treatments. how old are u now can i ask? I am struggling to get anyone to really get behind me on trying once more. Just heard this morning even the clinic in spain are not jumping up and down with joy about it - just waiting to hear a bit more from them. Its getting me down tbh. I have been speaking to a fertility abroad co-ordinator who seems really nice.

whereabouts are you based as 5th/6th november there is a fertility show in london with clinics from here and abroad?

Im 44. 45 in jan feel this would be my last chance. So expensive though. I know it isnt fair. I have contacted someone from Cyprus but would prefer Spain. Don't know of any centre's in spain. I live in the Merseyside area. Good luck with what ever you decide to do xxxx

Hannah143 in reply to donnam

Hey donnam, I've got a brouchure that compares all Spanish clinics, if you PM me your email address I can send this too you xx

72cloud9 in reply to donnam

Omg! We r in same boat! I'm 45 in Jan also!! I've been looking up clinics today but if Hannah has a comparison brochure that sounds really useful!!

Hey 72cloud9

I'm 39, turning 40 next May. We've had 2 failed IUIs, 3 Failed IVF and 1 failed frozen transfer with my own eggs. My AMH was 6.6, 2 years ago and my FSH was 10.

I've been very much in the own eggs camp until my last failure. We only got one round of IVF on the NHS everything else we've paid private.

After our last failed cycle we decided that we would not do the same thing again and expect a different result.

We went to visit a clinic abroad in Spain and asked our consultant what would he do if we went ahead and used our own eggs. He suggested a completely different treatment programme and suggested some of the methods in the UK are quite tired. They seem very advanced. He said we may have about a 20% chance with my own eggs compared to a 70% chance with donor eggs.

The clinic we used was very clear on where to stay and offered discounts at nearby hotels, the speak perfect English and are super lovely, we had a very good feeling about them.

We have been out for one weekend for a 4 hour visit where we did all our papers, tests etc and now only need to go back for the transfer so can do this over a couple of days. Some clinics want you there for the full 2-3 weeks, but that wouldn't work for us.

Good luck with your decision xx

72cloud9 in reply to Hannah143

Hannah, I'd love to see your comparison brochure & learn s bit more about your experience in Spain-it sounds v positive so far. Just being nagged to turn my phone off as his highness needs to sleep but I'll pm u tomoro if that's ok xxx

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