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2nd failed attempt 7 Eggs but none made it :-/


Very sad post to write, we had our Egg collection on Wednesday and we had 7 eggs, 4 were not good quality,1 died when injected and the other 2 didn't fertilise .

This is our second go self funded £6,500 Each time plus a vasectomy reversal cost so we are not ready for another go yet and my partner has said he doesn't want to go through again :-( we live in Cornwall so it's harder to explore different clinics but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on a clinic that has very good success rates ? For me to possibly look at trying in the future

Many Thanks

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Sorry for your heartache. For that money you could go abroad where the care is amazing and it's low. Have you thought about donor eggs?

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Well I donated last time so in theory there's nothing wrong with my eggs, I've researched it to high heaven but there's so many abroad I wouldn't know where to start ?

Hi kathryn

So sorry to hear this.

We are self funding too and so far including the surgical sperm retrieval we've spent almost £10k. It's so hard to know what to do isn't it?

like tamtam has said, have you looked at clinics abroad?

So sorry again to hear this, take some time out to heal and when you go for your follow up appointment ask them lots of questions and see if they have a plan.

You got 7 eggs, we only got 5 of which 2 were no good so your not out of the game yet.

Take care,

Holly xx

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Yes we also paid for the reversal which is why we are even in this situation, something my partner had before we met :-/

Last time I had 8 but donated 4, one took but I miss carried, this time I had 7 but none made it to implantation.

You just feel am I chucking money away or should I change clinics or go the adoption route it's so hard x

I know it is so hard.

We were lucky that we got one to freeze from our first cycle and all being well will be having fet on Tuesday.

I really admire you for donating 4 of your eggs, what a selfless thing to do.

It is a numbers game but I'm also a bit worried about sperm quality as my oh had his vasectomy 18 years ago in his first marriage and they never had kids so we are not even sure if it works.

I've looked into donor sperm and donor eggs too, I've also looked and made tentative enquiries with various adoption agencies but we both discussed this and have decided adoption isn't for us so for the time being we will continue with this (and rob a bank to pay for it lol!)

You have had one take which is more than we had so please keep the faith for now and maybe look at other clinics for comparisons and speak with your clinic, they may have other options for you. I'd be looking into donors either in the U.K. or abroad (my oh won't consider treatment abroad) so if yours will that may be a way forward?

Also I've submitted an appeal to the ccg for funding, as I'm 36 and oh is 54 and neither of us have children I'm pushing the 'why am I being punished for a choice my oh made in previous marriage for sake of his then wife's health' route. Can you appeal at all for funding if there are no children from previous relationships?

Holly x

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Hey, well I've looked in to funding but have been told not a chance as my partner had a vasectomy?


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Our consultant told us to appeal as it wasn't done whilst we were together and we don't have any children. It might be a waste of time but it helps me to feel like I'm doing something. I spoke with our doctor who also happens to be on the board who make the decisions so who knows, it's worth a shot? I'm not holding my breath but at least I feel like I've tried. xx

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Ohhhh I may have a look then, who do you appeal too? X

Love this site chatting to people like yourself is so helpful :-)

I wrote to the CCG Calderdale who are our local nhs funding board. Google will help you find yours. Like I say it might be all a waste of time but ring your doctors and go asking the questions first, that's what I did!

I love this forum, I spend waaayyyyyy to much time on here!!!

Holly xx

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Ok I'll have a look now, just figured out how to follow people and message people so I'll been on here all the time too 💕

Hey sorry to read your post! I was in the same position as you. We got 6 eggs, 1 was dead and the others apparently looked ok. 3 then fetilised but none made it, they were slow developers and arrested at day 3. Was totally gutted at the time, both my husband and I felt robbed! Fortunately we are NHS funded which I feel incredibly lucky considering all the ladies out there like yourself that are having to self fund everything! We have had a review appointment and tweaked my drugs, I got the impression (though they werent admitting it) that our egg failure was perhaps due to the drugs I had last time although they emphasised on the fact that my age (38) and AMH 7.19 may have something to do with it! We are thinking about abroad for a plan B if we need to go down the donor egg route due to costs but have to wait and see if that's necessary! Good luck for what you decide!xx

Hi, I have messaged you with some more details of my clinic as requested on the other thread xxxxxxxx

I sent you a PM about our clinic in Denmark. Loads to think about right now. It's so hard. Nothing seems to come easy to any of us on here!

Hi Honey...

I am so so sorry sweetie, i would try using donor eggs although i know thats a very big decision but wanted to wish you all the luck in the world and all the happiness in the world xxxxx

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Would you just After 2 failed cycles ? I thought that was last resort 5 cycles in business :-(

It depends honey I was saying me personally because I have made decision that I am only having three rounds but if you are strong enough to go more than that then no I would def try with own eggs what ever you decide I hope you have all the luck in the world!! XXXX

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