Embryo onboard!

Hi ladies after an exciting/anxious day yesterday I can finally update my FET story (i was to tired to write on here yesterday).

I got a call at mid day yesterday to say our frozen embryo had thawed with a 75% survival & so I was asked to come in for my transfer. Myself & my DH weren't sure what that survival statistic meant so we were googling it on the train to our appointment. Does anyone have any words of wisdom here? But it sounded like it was good survival rate.

We turned up to our FET half an hour early so keen & by the time of my transfer I was so busting for a wee! The embryologist team were amazing & whisked me in as they could see me fidgeting in the waiting room! With all that said (sorry I'm waffling) I had the transfer & now for the 2WW. I have only told 1 friend & absolutely no one else at this stage except u all on here. I'm so excited to share this update with u as I've not told anyone else. I just feel so happy to have made it this far after the problem with the cyst on my ovary holding up proceedings!

Feeling positive today which makes a pleasant change. 😍

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  • Hey Hun. I am really pleased things worked out in the end for you both. I am not sure about the 75% survival but it sounds positive. The dreaded 2WW will be long and hard but I am sure you will be fine. Lots of baby dust to you. xxx

  • Thanks u! Luckily my husband is off work for a week & we can spend some quality time together X

  • Good luck!! 😊

  • Thanks 😊

  • Sending lots of baby dust to you xxx

  • Thank u lovely x

  • That's exciting πŸ‘πŸ½. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have done the transfer unless they were confident about the success.

    Take it easy, rest up and give that wee emby the best chance of embedding.

    Keep us updated πŸ’•

  • Thanks Loobee. Am totally resting up now which feels lovely but weird as I'm such a doer! Let's see how the 2WW goes as last time it was awful. X

  • Keep positive 😬

  • Best wishes try and take it easy! Keep us updated xxxx

  • Thanks love! Will let u no how I get on. X

  • All the best and well done on getting this far. The 2WW is hard but keep that positive energy flowing. Wishing you good luck.

  • Thank u! Fingers crossed! X

  • Good luck Hun πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks so much Olivia X

  • Great news Nat! Good luck for your 2ww! Keep checking in when it gets tough! When is your OTD? x x x

  • Ahh thanks mommabear 😊. U know what I don't actually no when my OTD is but they said 2 weeks so I guess I will test around then. Hmmm maybe I should find out the day. πŸ˜‚

  • Good luck for 2ww.

  • I'll be joining you Thursday! Will have my fet on Thursday if they defrost ok. Good luck xx

  • Ahhh yay! Well bets of luck on Thursday & let us no how u get on. So nice that we all have this place to chat. Xx

  • Wishing you all the best...fingers crossed xxx

  • Thanks lovely x

  • Sounds really good Hun did they tell u it's grade or just say it's good quality? Maybe that's what the 75% meant, so it's very good quality? Good luck 😊 X

  • No they didn't tell us the grade although we have been told ages ago at a previous appointment (back in April). Just going to let it do its thing & hope hope hope it works. X

  • Congratulations and good luck! Is this your first time? Xx

  • Thanks BabyD. This isn't my first ET, sadly mc in March from IVF round 1. Had quite a hard time getting through that so waited until July to try with out FET. Then I developed a cyst on my ovary so had to sort that out before carrying on any treatment. Finally here we are for a 2WW. Feeling good in my heart with this one which makes a change. X

  • So sorry to hear that. This whole experience is difficult enough without having been through what you have. Good luck this round and try not to get too stressed during the 2WW - I know that's easier said that done!! Xx

  • when we had our FET, we thawed 3 embryo's to get 1 to transfer. One didn't thaw properly, and the next thawed 70%, our third thawed 95%. Our clinic like over a 70% thaw. We had the option of having the two back but because the third one thawed so well and was still multiplying after thaw, we decided on just one. Were now 14 weeks pregnant! I think percentages vary between clinics, but it's not just the thaw rate, its the quality of the embryo following this. Our highest quality embryo was the one that didn't thaw properly so its a very uncertain science. Your embryo is in the right place now that's the main thing. Best of luck x

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