First IVF appointment...done! ✔

So ladies I had my first IVF appointment today! Feels like it went by way to quick but in a good way. I have my nurse appointment booked in for next week and if all is well then I start my treatment next month as I just came off my period! My husband was happy as he didn't have to have another analysis done and I don't have to have any scans either. Just had my amh blood test done. Can't believe I'm at this stage alread. Although the last 2 years have felt like forever I feel this next step is going to pass by quick! Unfortunately egg collection will be under sedation. Will this hurt? Good lluck all xxxx

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  • Amazing it goes so fast once you start treatment xxx

  • Hi dreams1982 I feel like the next few weeks are going to fly by! Dont really know how to feel! Dontt want to get my hopes up x

  • Just take it a day at a time xx take your prenatal vitamins and just go with the flow xx

  • Hi I've just finished my injections and have my egg collection Thursday . Slightly nervous. It's my first IVF too. Most people I've asked have said it's slightly uncomfortable but doesn't hope. I know il still be worrying though. I panicked about the injections but haven't done too bad really. Good luck with everything x

  • ec was fine hun honestly x I was really stressed but it was really quick and I just had cramp for about 20-30 after like period pain. It was the bloating after that got me but just keep up fluids as much as possible and lots of fibre to help with constipation and it should be ok xx fybogel is really good if you need a bit of extra help xxx

    Good luck xxx

  • I meant doesn't hurt not doesn't hope!

  • YIPPEE!!! So happy to hear you making such big progress x as for sedation tho I haven't been through egg collection I did have an operation last year- felt nothing. I was so scared about going under general - I needn't have worried- everyone in theatre are so kind and really jolly. All I can remember is a catula in my wrist- the anaesthetist put the meds through- I was told to count- I remember the nurse saying just let go and sleep-I was scared and trying to fight it haha! But I woke up and I was in recovery- it was like no time had passed! Best sleep ever seriously!! You will be fine hunni definitely wont be pain. x

  • Hi don't worry the egg collection is honestly fine saying that I only got 1 egg!! You don't feel anything under sedation you just feel really woozy. The egg transfer was more uncomfortable bit like a smear test but interesting as you got to see your wee embryo on the screen. Good luck with it all. It's really not that bad xx

  • Thank you so much for your advice ladies! Definitely taking baby steps with this one. I feel like with the iuis we just thought they were going to work and were just being cautious. Good luck to each and everyone of you on this journey. Nyko I hope your egg collection goes well and you get your BFP. Jess I hope the chlmod tablets are working ok keep thinking positive :) kaya38 and dreams1982 thank you so sharing your experience I really appreciate it xxx

  • Thank you x

  • Hope all goes well! I've got my first appointment next week and can't wait! X

  • Thank you! I wasn't actually nervous or anything for the appointment as I have been with my previous IUI ones! It was a general chit chat and the only thing I needed checking was my amh blood test and I had that taken yeatrtday. My nurse appointment is next week :) excited. We got accepted in June this year so we had a nice break over the summer and didn't focus onn fertility issues etc so maybe that's why I'm relaxed. Good luck to you xx

  • Hey I have my first consultation on the 5th October!! Do you know if you have to start birth control? I know I have to have a scan and AMH blood test I should start my cycle this Saturday so going to have to wait till I start again!! Wich should be just over 2 weeks after my consultation to start the birth control if I have to xx

  • Hi! They never mentioned birth control to me! The doctor I saw yesterday said as I have started my period now then if all if fine I can start after my nurse appointment! I hope it stays that way lol. Because I figured I would have been done by end of November. But as we all know these appointments nothing is guaranteed and something will probably come up! I am nervous to get my amh blood test results but I was reassured by the lovely nurse that it is only ttaken to see which dosage of drugs I should be on. Unlike the other nurse I saw a new months back and scared me by saying I was going brought menopause! I'm 29! Wish u all the best. We may be cycle buddies! Xx

  • Hey thanks for the reply Hunn ☺️.. Oh really I think it's different with everyone when's your nurse appointment? Well I'm due in my period this Saturday so thats 11 days before my appointment so I may have to wait till I start my next cycle I guess ill find out at my appointment and see why they say about it! I hope it goes by quickly haha and that would be great if we are. You must let me no how your next appointment goes Hun wishing you the best of luck 🍀🍀🍀

  • Yes I do think every clinic is different; I am just happy they didn't have to scan etc again as that would have taken more time. My nurse appointment is on the 29th September so I guess I will find out about dates etc more then. You could try and see if you can book your nurse appointment beforehand as I did just so I knew we had a date in mind. Good luck to you! Xx

  • Yeah the wait is the hardest part! I'm dreading the 2ww 😑🙈😂.. I will literally be probably one of them that has about 20 pregnancy tests to test out he trigger and then start squinting thinking is here a line and driving my self nuts staring at the test 😂. I'll get my fella to hide them so I don't do it 🙈. I'll have to wait till after my first appointment I think and then see Hunn the wait for his appointment is doing my head in 😫 Xx

  • Awww I feel your pain! I got accepted back in June but had to wait until September for my appointment! It feel like ages however it was a good time out because me and my husband needed it after our failed IUIs. I think now with the ivf I am more laid back about it and not really thinking about it too much. I am dreading the two week wait to! For the IUIs we literally tested loads and got so uupset. But now we have decided that weree not going to test before and stick to he test day! It's really sends your emotions all over the place. I think that's helped me is reading the book which I mentioned in my earlier post and also by doing fertility yoga at home! It's nice to switch off and just relax! X

  • Awwww bless you. Yeah I don't want to test and drive my self nuts but I know what I'm like 🙈.. We have never done any fertility treatments yet because we only realised my tube was full of scar tissue from ruptured appendix when I was 15 so all these years trying and all that money spent on pregnancy tests was a waste of time!! But I suppose I wouldve never known there was anything wrong with me if I didn't pursue it. Maybe I'll just keep my self busy with work try and take my mind of it 😂 Xx

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