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Think I’m miscarrying


So me and fiancé have been ttc since Jan 17. I’m 34, he’s 35. My period was late end of February, did a pregnancy test, to our surprise, it was positive. I was shocked, but then happy. Everything’s been going smoothly until 7 weeks along I Noticed some pink spotting. Went to A&E, it was Easter, the doctor made a emergency app for me at Early Pregnancy Unit on Wednesday. I had the ultrasound and baby was measuring for 7.5 weeks, and a heartbeat was there. However, yesterday night and this morning, the bleeding has turned to brown and is making spots about 50p size on sanitary pad every few hours. I am already thinking I’m miscarrying. I phoned EPU again and they made app for me Thursday. It’s just so horrible. I’m constantly in tears, don’t know what to do with myself. My fiancé is quiet, sad, telling me I shouldn’t be hysterical. I’m in hell. If it’s going to miscarry, I just want it to move along, so I know for sure. I’ve lost all hope of this pregnancy progressing, and I’m terrified we’ll never be pregnant.

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Oh love, so sorry to read your story! It must be horrible what you’re going through.

I can’t help you but from what I know a lot of ladies have bleeding or spotting and despite that, everything turns fine! My mum had a massive bleeding while pregnant but she gave birth to healthy twins!

Try to relax and think less about it❤️

Sending massive hugs xxx

Thank you. My heart breaks for everyone who's been through this, or anyone who's going through the desperate struggles of trying to become parents. We're both moving towards accepting that this pregnancy is over. Its easier for us that way. And if we conceive again to try and see it as a "pre-pregnancy srage " until the 2nd trimester.


Brown is old blood try not to worry

Hi Kathryn1984, how are you feeling? I had this on Wednesday and continue to have it... I went for a scan on Thursday and all is fine I’m 7 weeks + 3 days and they said everything is fine ... apparently implantation bleeding .. if you want to message me feel free anytime xxx thinking of you xxx

I wouldn’t worry about brown blood- it’s old blood. Keep your apt for next week but try not to worry unless it’s bright red with clots and cramps. I know easier said than done xxx

Kathryn1984 in reply to lianm8

Thank you.

Like others have already mentioned, brown blood is often old blood. I know this doesn't the worry. I can fully appreciate how scary it is to see this. Are you in any pain? Try not to assume the worst. Rest plenty. You are still pregnant and in just a few days is your scan. I know it seems like an eternity away. Keep your mind busy until then. If you get any actual bleeding contact your EPU again before Thursday. Alot of ladies have implantation bleeding too so could all be perfectly normal. Take care and keep us all updated. Thinking about you.xo

Kathryn1984 in reply to Poppy16

There isn’t any pain. I’ve been bloated since I found out I was pregnant, so that’s a bit uncomfortable. My back can feel a little stiff sometimes. But I’m not in pain. I feel nauseous and exhausted, but I think it’s from the worry and my appetites gone. But I’m on edge with worry, so I think that’s why.

Sorry you’re going through this.. I hope it turns out well for you x thinking of you.

Kathryn1984 in reply to Hope4321

Thank you

Sorry for your distress it does seem that a lot of people have experience of this and all was ok wishing that for you too x

Thank you.

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