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Reassurance.....scared of miscarrying

You have all been fantastic support on my journey to get pregnant, having had experienced 2x miscarriages I am finally pregnant on my 3rd FET. I am now coming up to 11 weeks pregnant and I feel so stupid because I know that others are still waiting for that BFP. But I can't help getting anxious and worried that I am going to lose my little one. I've been told that he/she is the right size and the heartbeat is strong but I have so many symptoms that I constantly Google and some I am reading mixture of good and bad, so I am just after some reassurance that what I am feeling is normal pregnancy symptoms and not signs of miscarriage:

Constant tiredness

Constant nausea with on and off vomiting

Sore boobs

Fuzzy dizziness

Off my food

Back pain

Side pains


Bloating and tender stomach

Cramp (no bleeding)


I won't get these all at once just different ones through the week, a group of them at a time but the tiredness and nausea is non stop.

Thank you X

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Hey Hun, I know how your feeling 100% I still feel anxious. I'm only around the 6 week mark but I've experienced some of the symptoms you've had too. Try and take each day as it comes, once you've had your 12 week scan I'm sure you will start to feel less anxious. I also find myself googling everything I can think of especially when I've got free time on my hand! My hubby just ends up grabbing the phone out of my hand and telling me to stop as its not going to help the situation. Hope the reat of your pregnancy goes well 😊 Xx


I had all of the above throughout a large part of my pregnancy. Still scary! I was sure I was going to vomit so hard the baby world dislodge! Good luck. 28-30 weeks left for you.


Stay away from Google! I know it's hard esp if your job is sitting down in a computer all day. But my husband is right Google can be a poison! ☺️


All sounds very normal in pregnancy. I had to have afternoon naps every day during my first trimester. You will find that some of these symptoms will disappear in second trimester, so try not to worry then either! Drink lots of water, continue with the vitamins and folic acid and best of luck with the rest of your pregnancy!!


Hi SuzanneAM. With my midwife's hat on your list sounds just about right to me! Just wait until you see your 12/40wks scan you will be well reassured. Little one is just moving out of your pelvis, so no doubt your aches and pains are due to ligaments stretching, which is to be expected. Have a little rest over the Easter weekend, and hopefully you will soon feel more positive. Diane

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Hi Suzanne, I had a lot of the symptoms you describe until about 14-15 weeks.  It's only normal for you to worry. When is your 12 week scan? Hopefully that will calm your fears a little as that's a major milestone!  Though, it can be quite disconcerting when all your symptoms go towards the start of your second trimester - for me I didn't feel pregnant at all until I started to feel a bit of movement.  Unfortunately the whole of pregnancy is one big waiting game! Good luck! x


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