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IVF on NHS - early stages - bit confused! X

Hi - never joined an online forum before, but starting on the big old journey that is IVF I think it might help to be able to chat to people in the same position!

Our situation - married, been TTC for some time however husband has a proven very low sperm count after trying to conceive with a previous partner (they never actually had IVF treatment as they parted).

We are pursuing help via NHS. So far we have both been tested for bloods (all fine bar I have slight low thyroid level 4.58) I was referred for a pelvic ultra sound (all fine) and we just had a our first appointment with a Fertility Doctor at a Hospital in London this week.

We were asked plenty of questions, it was all very quick I couldn't really take it all in! We were in and out! Husband has been given an appointment to re-test sperm (which I'm pleased about) I have to go and have an X-ray of my womb and uterus, then we have a follow up appointment in June to discuss the results and I assume, consider the next steps and what treatment to undergo.

No one has mentioned funding at any stage and we are just assuming we have been put forward for free cycles (or at least one) on the NHS...is that right or wrong? I am 34, he is 51.

Is there specific criteria they look at when submitting you as a case? For example can you be refused if you are overweight? I am, not by a lot but would be classed as overweight if you checked my BMI. Also we said we have both given up smoking 4 months or so ago which is true...will the fact we said we stopped help??

Once you have had your appointment to discuss results - what happens next and how long does it take before you begin pre-treatment (hormones etc..) ??

Early stages of procedure but would appreciate any feedback advice as we were whipped in and out so quick I didn't have chance to think!!

Thanks to anyone who has the time to respond! xx

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Hi Starlette. Welcome to the site, and I hope you find the support you are looking for. The ladies here are really understanding and will, I am sure be with you through your journey. You seem to be undergoing all the correct investigations, which is good to know. Good too to hear that you have both given up smoking – never easy to do! Sperm absolutely hate smoke – if you could see them in the laboratory curling up when it is around, you would never smoke again! Regarding your weight, do work at getting to a normal BMI, as this can sometimes delay treatment. Keep a record of your weight loss, so that you can prove you are serious. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com and go to the NHS Funding pages, you will be able to find out whether you are eligible for NHS treatment. Over on the left hand side you will see CCG Funding details. Click on this and all the NHS areas will come up. Find yours and open it up and you will see what you are entitled to and their criteria for treatment. Hope this helps a little, and I do wish you both well with whatever treatment is decided for you – and of course every success. Diane


Hi there my name is Jess you have come to the right place for support. I too am embark ivf . So I know how feel. The criteria varies throughout the county,can be a post code lottery. You can find this out through the nhs site there should be guidelines and a list of county's and should state the criteria. Diana's pointed you in the right direction :) Dorset women's bmi is no more than 30 and men's is 35. Women need to be under 35 men need to be under 55. And neither partners have any children.Well done to you both for giving up smoking cos that's something else that lots of fertility clinics ask you to do:) I gave up 4 and half years ago it's very hard thing to do. When we got refereed last year we were told Dorset has very strict criteria.We don't get funding cos I have a son from a previous relationship so I'm egg sharing to fund my ivf. It helps another women have a baby so it's all good :) When we had our first appointment we were told straightway that we wouldn't get nhs funding.Good luck with everything hope it all goes well. Keep me posted. Always here if you wanna chat:moan! X x x


Hi Jess...thanks for your reply and apologies for taking so long to say so! Been a busy few months moving house and going through all the pre-lim tests, and it's been pretty up and down! Now things are settling down am getting back on here for some much needed support and advice!! Hope your journey is going well? xx


Normally you would get the initial tests done then they will recommend that you have IVF if they think its what you need - its at this stage they will write to the CCG re the funding (at least this is what happened to me). The CCG will then contact you re the funding approval process. Just to warn you - this part usually takes quite a long time.


Thanks Hun, I'm still fighting to get referred 4 months on...few ups and downs so just hoping we an progress soon x


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