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Contraceptive pill before IVF - when does that start?

Hello girls,

Hope your all doing well. I have a question to ask which I hope someone will be able to help with 😊

At my last appointment the hospital told me they will put me onto contraception (the pill) before IVF starts. I think they said around 2-3 weeks before although I can't be 100%.

I'm due to go into hospital mid September for a dummy embryo transfer, is this when I will be given the pill? At this appointment I will have AF so was wondering if this is when they start you on the pill?

I'm due to start IVF treatment in October and have been told I'm likely to be on the short protocol.

I'm just trying to work out roughly when I will start injections and roughly when ER and then ET will take place.

It's my 30th birthday in November and myself and my partner would like to go away for a long weekend but I'm paranoid that depending when IVF is likely to start I may be needed to go into hospital around the date of my birthday. So don't really want to book anything in case we can't go.

Any help would be appreciated 😊

Thank you x

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I'm on antagonistic protocol. Starting the pill day one of cycle. Take it for 21 days, have a period, start injections that last about 2 weeks.

Hope this helps 😘


Thank you for your reply 😊

So I'm assuming they won't ask me to start pill until October AF then? Since I will be a few days in when I go to hospital in September.

My October AF is due around 12th so it would be early November before I would start injections then?

Do you think that sounds about right? Xx



Would think soπŸ˜‰it's good to have nice plans, enjoy


Thank you. That's really helpful 😊

Good luck with your treatment xxx


Aaah thanks hon, you too, fingers crossed


Have your tried to contact the clinic so that they can write out the dates for you and determine when your dates fall? This may help for you moving the dates around bit, delaying slightly etc.

They like to put you on the pill to basically down regulate everything and make sure everything is quiet before starting medication. Usually they put you on the pill around your actual period but every protocol is different.

There is no harm in asking for dates. It is important for you to still do the things that you want to.

I have had to do some weird and crazy things when on treatment rounds, travelling etc. The places I have had to inject etc are rather amusing when you look back but certainly are not at the time.

Good luck


Thanks for your reply.

I have an appointment mid September for a dummy embryo transfer and I was hoping at this appointment they might be able to give me more accurate dates about when I'm likely to start on contraceptive pill and when I'm likely to start injections etc. That way I can get something booked for my holiday 😊 I just don't want to book anything to then find out I will be needed in hospital. As you say we need to have little breaks when we can especially through all of this!

I had originally thought I'd be on the 2WW around my birthday but actually now looking at dates I think I'm just going to be on the second week of injections.

Thank you 😊 xxx


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