Getting stressed about when ivf may start

Hi all

So I finally got referred to IVF and ironically now that I know it might happen soon I'm stressing about when as have a lot of social things and weekends away planned for the summer, and I did want to plan a holiday before we start treatment. Ironic isn't it that now it might happen soon I'm like oh no can't do that month as I'm going away for the weekend for my sisters 40th birthday and can't do the next month as I'm a bridesmaid at my friends wedding then if we are to become parents we want one last holiday just the 2 of us!!! Nicer problems to have I know but has anyone else experienced this and how flexible are the clinics (through NHS) on when you can start?? I may be worrying about nothing they may say it's a year waiting list but I just have a feeling that things may move fast from now, and I want to ensure I don't miss out on things I've got planned from now til October....

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  • From my experience once you are approved to start, you decide when you want to start your treatment xx

  • I've been told from point of choosing a provider you have 12 months to decide when to start - I imagine this will vary by provider and area - I too shared some of the things you write about and they actually advised to do those commitments and take a holiday beforehand which I did and I'm very glad of it!

  • Also I must admit I was hoping a little that while on holiday something might just happen in the meantime and make IVF become not required but no such luck!

  • It's very odd isn't it? The normal person doesn't generally get a choice when they get pregnant they can try but they have little control. We can actually plan the exact month so it's nice in a way that you can do all the things you want to do before you have children. The next stress is now you've set a month to get pregnant will it work? πŸ˜€ Xxx

  • Exactly I feel the same however choosing a month to start I find I'm in two minds about it and then the process from there is more planned and prescriptive and something I find stressful to think too much about - it is what it is but I feel a little robbed of the "surprise" of "falling preggers" if that makes sense. But I'm not ungrateful just disappointed this is how it has to be.

  • I feel like I have to just pick a date then decline all social calendar invites within that month completely become a hermit!! It's odd I guess people who fall naturally just have to cancel things whereas we can clear our calendars before the event!! Xx

  • Did it work out for you? Hope so! Xx

  • I'm in Surrey. Was referred by GP in may. Had fertility appointment (this was not at ivf clinic) in September and referred straight to ivf. Attended the first ivf clinic on 31st December but because of all the paperwork and tests didn't start at cycle till. Feb. No idea where you are in this referral process but it takes a while to go through all the steps which can get extremely frustrating. I thought a GP referral and we would be straight to ivf within months but it wasn't that straightforward or quick.

    Of course other areas will probably have different waiting times but it's just to give you an idea.

  • Thanks for the heads up I was told treatment could start in 6 weeks!! I've just been referred and next week going to get yet another scan and blood test done but I think this is just for their records. Husband has to get another sperm test done through the place we are doing the ivf despite already having done 2 with the hospital that referred us. I was shocked when we rang to book these appointments as they offered for us to come in next day!!! Up to now it's been at least a 3 month wait for each appointment that's why I got the impression it could go quick but maybe I'm mistaken xxx

  • Well that's positive maybe they are less busy than Surrey?

    My hubby had two nhs swimmer tests and was told all was ok but at the clinic they said they prepared it as if it was ivf and there was a problem so we were told to go for Icsi. They also made me repeat the amh test as they wanted it done in the lab in Scotland.

  • I was and am the same. Worried about booking things and how to plan life but still wanting to be normal incase things don't happen and progress.

    But now that I'm going to start injections tomorrow all I care about it starting the IVF. All other social engagements can work around me.

    I know exactly how you feel and still struggling with fitting in work too but once you get a bit closer you will just want to start. Leaving it till October will just delay chances and delay the whole process.

    Good luck. Enjoy your time whilst you can xx

  • Totally know what u mean we wanted to book a holiday to de stress but didnt want to miss an opportunity if it came up and also didn't want to waste money in case it didn't work and we had to pay privately. When I got told I needed IVF it was a 7 to 9 month waiting list which would have been this summer but turns out what that means is actually really a year waiting list the way it works out. I think everywhere might be different waiting list wise though. Maybe u could ask the clinic for more details? Xx

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