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The pill before treatment



I am currently waiting for AF before I start treatment. I have been told that if my period arrives on Friday or Saturday I can start my injections for treatment. If AF arrives before or after these days then I need to take the pill..

I'm praying AF shows so I can start my injections, but being so dissapointed by my body each month I have prepared for the likehood it won't come when I need it too!

I am doing short protocol IVF and my question is does any lady know how long I will have to take the pill before i start doing injections? The clinic have said to ring when AF does come, so I know they will advise, but if anyone did similar I'd really appreciate feedback, as id love to know how long this will mean treatment is delayed. I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime and just want to get my head prepared... I just want to start......

Thanks do much in advance xxxxxxx

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It's only used to get you inline with the hospital schedule. I got told to take it if my period came Friday to Sunday then begin the injections on Thursday.

Thank you so so much.... I got in my head i may end up having to take it for a full cycle or something and it was playing on my mind.....

Thanks for replying I feel so much better knowing that :) x

No worries. It confused me to begin with. I just wanted to get the ball rolling. Luckily my AF came on the Thursday and I could just go straight onto the stimulation injections xx

Thank you!!!! There's a lot to take on board isn't there..... it did confuse me a little too... but I just go with that they do this everyday and know what's best! Hope all is ok with you Xx

Not too bad. Planning for next try and researching my options and ways to do things better for next time x

All the luck in the world to you xx

Thanks so much. All the luck in the world to you too.. Sometimes researching helps to take control back and feel like you are being proactive.... I'm trying to eat healthy to feel like I'm actively doing something through all the waiting.....I really hope your next steps lead you to your positive result. Big hugs x

I had to take the pill for I think 13 days before starting injections but that was due to the clinic timings of not being able to fit me in for egg collection rather than actually needing to be on the pill for any reason to first- fingers crossed AF starts on time for you xx

Thank you so much for your reply! Praying that my body clock works in my favour.... or if worse comes and I have to take it... i will hope for a quiet week at the clinic so they can fit me in! Thank you for your reassurance xxxxx

Hang in there hun, I know waiting is tough xxx

Thank you 😚 x


I took the pill on the 3rd day of my menstral cycle for 21 days to guarantee I come on time for my next cycle as it's abroad in turkey so timing was everything

It went to plan and came on exact time thank god.

Aww bless you. The planning must have been difficult for your doing it in Turkey. I'm so pleased your body responded on the correct day! All the best with your cycle, and thank you for your reply x xx

I don't think it's too long after the tablets, but short protocol goes by really quick once you've started the injections, get the first one out of the way and it's a doddle after that xxxx

Thank you so much sprinkles......i am sure that it will fly over when I get started..... and after waiting so long I know I said be able to handle another few days.... weeks! Hope you are well :) xxx

I had to take the pill for three weeks xx

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