Contraceptive pill before ivf? Confused

Hi inno I might sound silly but bit confused in why I need to start taking the pill before I start the ivf process I've been told too take it a month before.

Can anyone educate me into y??

Also I've been taking folic acid from now as we will be flying out in august still have a few months as I want to detox and get my body healthy as I can before we go ahead.

Any tips lady's?

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  • I had to take the contraceptive pill to regulate my cycle, so the clinic could be in control of when to stop it. When you stop you have a bleed after a few days so your endometrial layer is thin before you start stimulation. They do a scan to check that you've shed enough and it's thin enough to start and also to count how many follicles are there pre-stimulation.

  • If you have a regular cycle then the pill is not always needed. I felt that when I was put on it it was to suit the clinics timetable so they could control when they started me. When I did my cycle abroad because I was relatively flexible on my flying dates I didn't take the pill. To be honest i have as I did as a teenager an adverse effect to standard issue pill so knowing what I know now I would have refused to take it in this country when I had my first cycle. I still get annoyed thinking about the fact that I should of spoken up and said why do I need it and then I would have said no. Folic acid is a must go for a multi vitamin one. Xxx

  • I had this too... then I started injecting just a couple of days before or after I stopped taking it. It meant my cycle was tied in with when I was going to the clinic.


  • I think you should question their decision. For my 1st ICSI, I never went on the pill but for this one they put me on the pill to make my body work with their availability and they also claim it helps with endo but I wish I said NO because I have never had a month of pain as much as I had last month when I was on the pill. My body also didn't obey it - I still had my period clockwork and it was painfree for the 1st time until I stopped the pill then the PAIN started.

  • Thanks ladies

    I had a odd feeling about it

    My cycle is like clockwork so I think I'll have to mention this them.

    Can anyone suggest good multi vitamin for myself and my hubby?

  • The whole point is to control your cycle so they can plan your treatment accordingly. I am on the the pill too in preparation for my transfer in 4 weeks. Of cause its annoying especially if the pill makes you sick like me, but if it helps in the treatment, then do it. Its really harmless though confusing. Good luck on your treatment

  • I also never had it in my first cycle which failed but did in my second cycle and this was to suit the clinic as they couldn't fit me in for scans egg collection & transfer at the time my period was due so delayed me by 2 weeks, I didn't mind though & now Im 8 and half weeks pregnant! X

  • Thanks and huge congratulations to youuu xxxx

  • I decided not to take the pill as my cycle normally comes every 28 days or so. The difference with the pill is that you will know exactly when your bleed will come, none the less I'm working with my natural cycle.

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