Follicle cyst from abandoned FET

Hi all,

Been feeling very tearful today as my ovary on one side is still very uncomfortable. I have a feeling the cyst isn't going away as the discomfort has come back after a few days of being a bit more quiet. My back pain is back, I've has night sweats for 3 days, headaches, twinges and aching in my affected ovary.

I just feel so helpless and hate not knowing what is happening inside me.


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  • I had ruptured follicles after round 1 of ICSI. After scanning me to confirm what was happening my clinic gave me the pill to take for 3 weeks to get things back to normal. Have you spoken to your clinic?

  • I had a scan day 2 of cycle this month & as its still there. I have to wait until next bleed then have a doctors scan. It's so frustrating as I've had this since I started a cycle at the beginning of July. How are u now?

  • Poor you it seems to be taking a long time. Have they suggested what the next steps might be if it doesn't go? My cysts went very quickly and everything was back to normal after the bleed prompted by the pill. I'm guessing yours is a different type of cyst. I hope that it goes or can be treated so you can get on with your treatment.

  • No there isn't any next steps that have been explained yet, expect I will be told at the next scan. I had good advice from a nurse on here saying that it might have to be drained if it's still there at my next appointment. Just wish I could get it sorted now, I'm fed up with being patient now after 4 years of TTC. 😟X

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