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Finally got the referral for IVF sent nearly two weeks ago and the local CCG rang me to choose where I wanted to go! Waiting for an appointment is agonising!!! Hopefully won't be too much longer I know my area is quite quick. I'm finally getting excited about after being so scared and worried about the whole thing but I just want to get things moving now. I probably won't think that when it starts as I'm such a wuss about everything. I think it's the not knowing like how long between every stage and what do I tell work etc. Anyway hope my appointment comes through soon 😬

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  • That's great news! From the day the specialist referred me, it was less than a month before my first appointment with the clinic. I was told within 18 weeks, which I thought was great, so one month completely took me by surprise! June 22nd was the date we chose our clinic, and now we are all set for egg collection today. It has been a whirlwind!

    Hoping that you get your appointment scheduled quickly and that all is successful!

  • Oh wow good luck!! Exciting times! I'm so glad that I'm finally now excited about it all. I was just thinking about the pain (as I faint when I have blood tests lol god knows why I want to go through childbirth lol) and work but now I just think stuff work this is so much more important to me but I just want to try and keep it quiet as long as possible nobody knows except my dad I just find it a bit hard to tell people and I don't want the sympathy either!

  • Oh yeah I understand that. I have told a couple of close girlfriends, and my family know that IVF will be the path that we take, but they don't know that we are currently in the middle of it. I am a school teacher so am fortunate enough that this has fallen in the summer holidays, so I don't need to take time off. I agree with you though that this is the most important thing right now. We only get one shot (at least in our district in London it's only one NHS funded cycle) so I think to hell with everything else, the most important thing is that I take care of myself right now so that we have the best chance for success. So I think you've got your priorities right! Xxx

  • That's handy it has fallen on school hols. I have a week holiday in October so can cancel and rearrange as soon as I know how long things take. I work in a surgery so it's a bit awkward if people knew what was going on I just find it so annoying when people always go on about when are we having kids etc I never know what to say! I can't even miss a day of aerobics with a work colleague without her asking if I'm pregnant lol! Xx

  • Hydromermaid-1 that sounds really good. Waiting for your first appointment can feel long. Maybe you can find out which clinic you have been referred to and give them a call.

    Once you attend your first appointment everything will happen very quickly. Wishing you all the best. Xxx

  • Yeah I might ring them this week as we live in flats and I don't always trust the post gets to me just don't want to sound like I'm nagging but it's been hard not to pick up the phone to them 😊 Xx

  • I plucked up the courage and rung them and I should hear next week for an appointment in September. Another week of me dying to get home to see if the post has been πŸ˜€

  • I'm a real wimp when it comes to blood tests and have fainted in the past and had some very unsympathetic people tell me I'd better get used to it. I tell the person I need to lie down and just dig my heels in if they suggest using the chair. It would be far easier for them if I faint on a proper bed! I was very worried about the injections but the needles are so fine it really doesn't hurt. I couldn't watch it go in but was fine when taking it out. The nurse did a dummy injection with saline water and then I had a go at one of our first appointments. That helped ease my mind.

    Good luck, hopefully you won't have to wait long. I always felt better once we had started treatment, waiting is so hard.

  • I always have to lie down too as I always faint if I'm sitting. I have bloods done at my local walk in at the hospital and they are great and know me well now!! I am a bit worried with the injections but I think I'll get hubby to do that I really don't think I could stomach doing it xx

  • Yes I find that there is a lot of waiting in this process isn't there! At least you know you will get an appointment through soon which is really positive. I've just had the letter telling me I've got my second appointment. I think at this one they will look at all the results of my tests and decide whether or not we can go ahead with ivf. As far as I know most things are OK but am just waiting for the results of my amh tests. I am also worried about the injections (if I get that far) but I am going to try and be brave!

    Good luck with everything and I really hope you end up with your bfp soon.

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