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Appointment Name?

Hi Ladies,

Just a quick question. We finally got booked into the docs to get our fertility referral. We were told a few months back to come back around now (although have put it off for a bit! My fault. Was desperately holding out that we wouldn’t need to).

My question is is that the appointment is in my name and I am bringing my husband with me. My question is do you think I should change the appointment to his name? Only reason I ask is that the reason we were asked to come back is to get the ball rolling, and the outcome is going to be that he needs to be sent for his SA. I’ve had mine done I.e bloods and internal and external scans.

I booked it under my name as it was me who went for the original tests. But I Just don’t want to get there and be told we need to re book in with him. As the appointment isn’t for him If you know what I mean. The waiting times are so long to get in with the docs!

Thank you!

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I presume this is with your GP? I booked our appointment in my name but went along with my husband and both of us were in the consultation to get my hubby referred for his SA tests so I dont think it should really matter as you are there as a couple or it didnt matter in my case anyway! I guess you could call and change it to your hubbys name to be on the safe side thought. Best of luck!xx


Thank you :) yeah it’s with my GP. Your right, it shouldn’t matter. I’ll just leave it and see what happens. Just so sad today to be at this point, I think that’s why I have been putting it off (pure denial I think!). But I just need to accept we need help and get on with it...!

Thank you :) XX


I would call up and confirm if its okay for the appointment to stay on your name or does it have to be under his name. this way you can relax and not stress about it. The amount time i have assumed and it has not gone to plan. Therefore i would defo double check it save alot of time afterwards. Best wishes .x


Thank you :) x


Should be fine as long as you are both registered at the same surgery x


So far all appointments have been in my name and hubby has come along with me, they’ve been able to look at his medical records as well as mine x


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