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Struggling with waiting times!

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How long have others waited in Scotland for a lap and dye? My 12 week wait time is almost up and still no appointment yet and after two years of trying and the loss we've experienced, both my hubby and I are just really struggling to cope emotionally just now. My husband wants to suggest to our consultant that, even if my tube is OK from the lap and dye investigation, we skip IUI and just go on the waiting list for ivf. He seems to think going through IUI would just be lots more disappointment that we won't handle well and delay the time it takes to get ivf. Has anyone been able to do this before?

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Hi. I had issues with waiting list. I live in North East of Scotland. I had a referral for hycosy around September 2015. I had the hycosy done Feb 2016. If you can get hold of their phone number try to give them a call just to nudge them.

Hycosy isn't laparoscopy anyway but a diagnostic method for tubes and ovary.

P.S I was told IUI isn't done where I live. It's just IVF/ICSI straight as nhs won't spend money on what is not viable.

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I've phoned my consultants secretary twice. I phoned about 3 or 4 weeks ago and was told no date yet then I phoned again a couple of days ago and told the same.

September to February is such a long time! Did your procedure help you conceive?

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kumkums in reply to Molly28

Yes it is a long time. And same thing happened before I had surgery in 2015. The procedure showed tubes were fine. But not conceived yet, we are currently undergoing IVF treatment. We started that June 2017.

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Molly28 in reply to kumkums

Best of luck for your IVF!!

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kumkums in reply to Molly28

Thank you. And I hope you get your appointment on time and things move on quickly.

I am in Scotland and was placed on ivf waiting list before dye test then was called for this test 3 months into waiting list xx

I'm in Scotland, we had a 5 month wait from GP referral to local hosp/consultant for our 1st app'mnt which was Nov, then had bloods & ultrasound Dec & HSG early Jan!! Referral on to specialist fertility centre in March and now currently mid 1st IVf cycle!! Hope this helps with the timeline / wait of luck!! 🍀x

Thanks for sharing your experiences. I had a 3 month wait from GP referral to initial appointment to get tests done then 3 months until consultant appointment to discuss results and next steps. I've been told it's 3 months wait for lap and dye (which is almost up) and then 2 months wait for IUI if my tube isn't blocked (only have one tube now).

That's interesting Leo that you were on ivf waiting list before hand, I've been told the one year wait time will begin only after everything else has been done/failed so it could be months before I'm even put on the waiting list. It's interesting how all hospitals/consultants are different. I'm attending Monklands in North Lanarkshire.

Hi, sorry for any we didn't get put on the IVF waiting list until all our tests were done!! 😏 But from when we went on the list to starting was Mar-Jul, we're Aberdeen! x

Sorry to hear you've been waiting so long. Waiting makes this process so much harder.

I was lucky there was a cancellation and I had mine done within 9 weeks.

Definitely worth doing- it can find and treat conditions like endometriosis which other tests can't pick up.

I had mine done in June - endometriosis was found and treated ( was unexplained infertility till endo diagnosis)

I have a story of hope- I conceived first month afterwards! I did unfortunately lose the pregnancy but we are awaiting my next period to try again with a more hopeful outcome. We honestly thought we couldn't conceive naturally and really thought we'd need IVF...

If you have any questions on laparoscopy please feel free to ask me.

Ask to accept a cancellation hope a date comes available soon xoxo

Thanks Leo!!

Thanks for sharing that Jess! I've had a lap done once before because I had an ectopic, they had to remove a tube. That was over a year ago but they said they need to do a lap and dye now to check everything before they decide what to do next. We're pretty much unexplained too (other than the one tube, but that shouldn't be the reason we've not got pregnant) and I'm really hoping that this procedure is enough to help get us pregnant. I told them weeks ago at my pre op that I'd take a cancellation, told them if they called I'd be straight in but still nothing. I'm just going to need to try harder to be patient. My husband is really struggling just now, he's got so much built up anger and frustration, I hate seeing what all this heartache is doing to him and he hates seeing what it does to me. I know you ladies all understand these feelings.

I'm sorry to hear about your loss, fingers crossed this next cycle is it! My sister had a lap and dye, they removed endo and she was pregnant within 3 months. She now has a very beautiful and healthy baby boy!!!

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