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Hi Ladies,

I am doing egg sharing in order to afford our IVF treatment and to help a lady out who is as desperate to become a Mummy as I am. I'm young, healthy and don't have any fertility issues of my own so hopefully whoever gets my eggs will have as much a chance of a successful pregnancy that I can give!

Our next appointment will be to ensure all my genetic blood tests and then it's a waiting game to get the phone call saying we have got a match and can finally get cracking! My clinic have told us the longest people are having to wait is 3 months, I just wondered how long anyone else has had to wait? I know it's different for everyone but was just curious?

Thanks in advance :-) xxxx

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I am an egg donor and I was told straight away that they had a recipient for me. I am on the South Coast, I imagine all clinics have different waiting times xxx


Oh wow, I hope they're able to get me matched that quick! I'm in the Midlands. What stage are you at now if you don't mind me asking?xx


Hi I am egg sharing too and thats me waiting for one month xx hopefully no much longer this is hardest part I think as theres no time and I keep checking phone and hoping they are doing everything possible to find me a match and didnt forget about me x good luck with everyting xx


Hi. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get that phone call soon. Atleast we know that it's all go go go as soon as we get that call! All the best xxx


I donated in November and I know my recipient is pregnant with an ongoing single pregnancy :)

I am going to donate again in March/April; then again if I'm allowed, in summer.

I'm sure you will get matched quickly, there is such a shortage off eggs unfortunately. Best of luck, let is know how you go xxx


Hi Alicat1982 Oh wow what a lovely thing to do! I hope so, I am young, healthy and have no family history of any genetic disorders etc so I am hoping this all goes in my favour and we get the call as soon as possible. I'll be sure to keep you posted. :-) xx


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