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1st progress scan - what should I know before the scan?


It's my first round of IVF, very excited about tomorrow's very first progress scan after 6 days of Menopur stimulation on long protocol.

I've been trying to research to find out what are considered ''normal'' or ''acceptable'' measurements of the follicle sizes and the uterus lining. Especially I know that they don't want the follicles to be too big or too small. Anyone know what sizes of follicles are considered normal at this stage?

My lining was 2.6mm when down-reg was confirmed last week, and I read somewhere it should grow about 1mm a day. Should I expect a growth at that rate or slower is fine? (I've done a few ultrasounds, but never had it done during mid-cycle, so I don't know if I have any lining issue or not...)

Many thanks if any of you could share your experience :)


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Good luck today Jen, hope all goes well. I'm not sure if I'm doing the same or different to you as the words my clinic use are slightly different, but on my day 6 of Gonal F which was my stim, my good follicles were typically around 6/7mm - and the ones that produced decent eggs would then grow to 16/17 by day 13. I know I was terrified the first time that they were too tiny but it turns out the drugs worked and they grew as they should! I don't have lining issues, as far as we know so far.

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Thank you sipidania :) (Please see my update at the bottom of the thread)

We're hoping that we'll find all or at least some of the growing follicles have some good quality eggs in them at the end! (Not sure how many do people normally find?? 80-90%??) xx


Usually at the first check they just want to check your responding and if they need to alter the dose x

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Hey Button-123, (Please see my update at the bottom of the thread)

Phew... Done the scan and at least we know that I'm responding, and that they will keep the same dose...! (I was hoping that they may decrease it to one vial to make the injections easier... but never mind...)

Hi Jenjen, I've just come back from my first scan after 7 days of Menopur. There were around 7 growing follicles in each ovary (around 10-13) - 4 of these were 13mm which the nurse was happy with. She said they want them 17mm for collection so I've got another scan on Friday and EC probably/hopefully on Monday! Hope your scan went well :) x

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Hey Medeine, (Please see my update at the bottom of the thread)

Looks like you are just a few days ahead of me! :)) Really glad to know that your scan went so well! :))

I'm also due for my 2nd scan on Friday, but mostly likely I need to have another one on Monday, and EC next Wednesday if everything goes well according to plan.

I'd love to hear from you about how yours goes! x

Lovely ladies, a special thank you to you all for replying this morning. It was very encouraging as I was sitting in the waiting room reading your messages while waiting for my scan! :)

All went very well this morning! I was incredibly relieved when the nurse told me my lining is now 9.2mm. I've been drinking lots of organic raspberry tea and adding stuff to my diet that may help with the lining and the follicle growth, cos I wasn't sure if I could 'pass the test' so to speak...

Now I've passed the 2nd test (1st one was the confirmation of the down-reg)... 12 follicles measuring between 7-10 with the majority to be 8 & 9. They are happy with this result and hoping they'll grow steadily at this speed the rest of the week! :)

Thanks again and all the best to you as well! :)) xxx

Sounds like you are doing great Jen, well done!

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