Stimming scan praying I have some growing # updated

My 1st scan on this round is this morning, laid here feeling bloated panicking about weather I have any follicles growing as I'm a poor responder and on highest dose of gonalf my clinic does ☹.

This journey certainly never gets any easier

Update 5 follicles ish so far the said lining was good at 9, feels like history repeating it' self just have to hope for better egg quality.

Another scan on Saturday

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  • Good luck . Hopefully the bloating is a good sign xx

  • I hope so don't remember feeling this bloated last time, it would be nice to be able to peek in ourselfs to know before we went 🤣.

    I hope you are ok xx

  • good luck x

  • Thank you x

  • I have no advice unfortunately but wanted to wish you good luck for your scan xx

  • Thank you x

  • First scan for me this morning too - good luck!xx

  • Thank you, hope all goes well for you x

  • I think it's more nerve racking the more we know! Best of luck, hope you see a good start, let us know how you get on!xx

  • You right it certainly is we know more that can go wrong lol.

    Thank you, hope your coping on your 2ww x

  • Exactly, however no cycle is the same so fingers crossed for your new one!

    Im doing ok thank you, all tests negative so far and now on day 11 so not holding out too much hope now but at least we have 4 more in the freezer!xx

  • Awww No, when is your otd? Hopefully it will change to positive as it's not unheard of on here.

    4 in the freezer is a good number.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you x

  • Well they gave me tomorrow 14th, which is day 12 but as Im doing a urine hpt I will have to retest on Thursday 16th if still negative! Yes still time to change so you never know! Thank you xx

  • Best of luck! Mines Wednesday and I under responded last time so they started me on a higher dose this time. Hoping like you that it’s beginning to work (although not too much for over-stim!) keeping fingers crossed for you!

  • Thank you my 2nd cycle got canceld due to low response, i got 8 eggs in last cycle but got bfn, so this is my 4th time at stimming, seem to be getting more side effects this time even though on same dose 😝.

    Good luck for Wednesday, hope you get plenty of eggs x

  • Huge luck to you today hun. My first cycle was cancelled due to poor response so know how nerve wracking it can be. I have my baseline scan tomorrow before starting stimms and just hoping it works better this time round too.

    I’m thinking lovely positive follicle growth thoughts for you xx

  • Thank you my 2nd cycle got canceld due to low response, i got 8 eggs in last cycle but got bfn, so this is my 4th time at stimming, seem to be getting more side effects this time even though on same dose 😝.

    Hope everything goes ok for you tomorrow & you get plenty of growth on stims x

  • I’ve got my first scan too!! I’d convinced myself last night that I could feel something growing down there!!! Feeling bloated and uncomfortable so taking that as a good sign! Hope it goes well for you x

  • Good luck!xx

  • I feel totally the same, feel like I've been pumped up like a beach ball lol lol I don't think I felt this bad last time, let's hope it's a good sign for both of us.

    Thank you and good luck with your scan x

  • How did everyone get on with their scans? I’m back on wednesday for another scan and bloods. Told looks like steady progress! I can’t remember what my numbers where like previously to compare but maybe best not to anyway... 🙄 xx

  • Hi, scan not great ... only had 2 follicles and many too small to measure 😥positive lining was good and no hydrosalphinx am back on Wednesday morning for a scan and bloods and have to increase my gonal f xx

  • Aw I’m sorry to hear it didn’t go as well as you had hoped. But if you have lots of little ones the increased dose of gonalf and more time should hopefully sort that out. I absolutely understand the frustration, but remember it doesn’t matter how long it takes to stim (from the point of view of the eggs at the end)although I know it means more time on injections and feeling bloated and horrible for us! Sending you lots of positive thoughts xxx

  • Thank you x

  • I had 5 , ranging in sizes from what I could make out . Back on Saturday for another scan x

  • Good luck for Saturday xx

  • Thank you, I know I won't get loads of follicles but I just have to hope better quality this time x

  • Me too xx

  • I had my second one yesterday. Responding slower than they would like so have upped my stims and put me on growth hormones too. They didn’t seem too worried though, back tomorrow for another and more bloods.

    Hope yours goes well tomorrow. X

  • Thank you - same to you xx

  • MrsB76 good luck for tomorrow I'm sure our extra stimms and growth hormone will do the trick 😊 xx

  • Good luck xx

  • cls37 sorry yours didn't go well, hopefully if they increase you then your follicles will come on .


  • Hi , I’m sure it will be fine and my follicles will start growing. Have been for some reflexology and am going to start talking to them!!! Hopefully have more on Wednesday xx

  • Good luck for Saturday xx

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck xx

  • Thank you xx

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