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1st scan, 1st cycle!

So I had my baseline scan today, they said there are 13 follicles at the moment. I only have one ovary so that's not a bad amount. I'm really happy there are no cysts, womb lining slightly higher than wanted but could just be we scanned a little early.

Set to start my shots tomorrow 😬 How exciting. I was so pleased with the outcome of the baseline scan and looking forward to starting treatment tomorrow each shot at a time.

However I got a call from the nurse this afternoon saying the doctor has reviewed and wants me to have 300 units of gonal f instead of 250 to increase amount of follicles. I don't understand how this could do that when they are already there? Also I'm worried that may be to much for my one ovary? It's got me all worried.. plus that would mean I only have 9 days of shots now.. and no scan or review of prescription til Monday 7 days time! Will I run out of meds half way thro? Little help to those who have done all this before would be appreciated please :)

Thanks for reading! X

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Hiya lovely well big shout out to your one ovary. I had 9 follicles which ended up producing 8 eggs and I have two ovaries so you should be pleased 😊

At my last scan they gave me another dose of drugs so I had one extra day of injections in order to have my EC on the following Mondag. I would have run out too but the clinic sold me the top up for the measly sum of £150!!

They advised the extra drugs so follicles could grow even bigger. Thats probably same for you. If it is the amounts then ask them why, as this makes no sense to me.?

I'm on first cycle too but feel like a bloody infertily expert by now!Lol

All the best xx

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Thanks for the reply it's so helpful hearing people's account and knowing your not the only one going!

Woo first cycle buddies! ..

I think maybe they want to improve chances of more of the 13 being mature enough maybe? It was a quick phone call and left me a bit ergh!!

I guess they will get me the meds in time I have a scan on 7th day and will only have 9days of shots!

Oh how exciting.. where are you at in the cycle now?

Remember it only takes 1 good egg.. 🍀 !!

Fingers crossed for us both! X


Loving your excitement. That was me only a few weeks ago 😁

I'm now in 2ww which as you will have read is the longest time of our lives!

I'm testing on Friday 🤞

Just my stats for you as I liked to compare myself with others you may like that too. I had 8 eggs. We did an IVF /ICSI split. 4 and 4 in each camp. All of our ICSI eggs made it to d5 blastocyst transfer but none of the IVF did. Guess our sperm and eggs don't like eachother very much lol.

I had 2xblasts transferred and 2 were good enough to freeze. I will remain optimistic. If it's BFN on Friday we will move to frozen cycle as soon as we can I think..

Keep us posted xx

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Buffy21 best of luck! How exciting I am dreading the 2ww already lol!

Fingers crossed for twins 🙈..

really hope it's a BFP!!

I'm excited to get started.. yeah they've put me on 300 now so guess they happy with my ovary and want to get the follicles to mature as best as possible.

We are having all ICSI so hopefully that will help as have had better reviews from ICSI.

Keep me posted I'll be thinking of you friday!

Thanks for the message this forum has been a blessing at such stressful times! X


That's funny we got ICSI in common. Yeah my partner was really up for that as his science head wouldnt just accept "unexplained". He felt there must be a reason and it seems we found some answers too as our IVF ones didn't progress past day 2. Why did they recommend ICSI for you?Sorry for being noisy🤥xx


no it's fine :) we are using sperm donor so you have to have ICSI.

Strange how sometimes it take ICSI for it to work but thank goodness for fertility experts and ever evolving science that we are lucky enough to be able to try ivf ay!

Day 1 of shots 🙈😬 and my partners already left for work which is a shame x


I only have one ovary as well. But you should be pleased you got 13 at the baseline scan. I was told because they saw 7 on my first scan pretreatment that I would automatically be starting on the 300 as they want as many of those being mature as possible.

Got my baseline scan Friday and hoping they see at least 7 again.

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Is scary having 1 ovary isn't Emmab not very common to find someone else with that, I am only 23 how about you? that's a good amount, I am a little convinced that some of mine are cysts as I do have cysts on my ovaries usually.

Fingers crossed for you Friday.. I really hope you have lots of little follicles!

Keep me posted we are close on the time line so may be helpful to chat! X


I had mine removed in may last year due to an endo cyst encompassing ovary and tube.

I'm 38 so time is not on my side for numbers of follicles bit fingers crossed we can get a few good ones. As others keep saying, you only need one.

I'm on the long protocol so about a week behind you cycle buddy x

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We seem very alike, my ovary twisted and cut its blood supply off basically due to a huge cyst!

Although time is a factor it isn't all about age! It's so true tho it only takes one, ive read stories on here were people only have 1 fertilise and that works! So keep as positive as possible always I feel.

Ah right yes the long one is a few more weeks but obviously more right for you if docs put you on that.

I think I must be on the shorter one from what I have been reading, they haven't really given me time frames but I have a scan in 1 week after first lot of shots and then a scan every other day.

1st shot today 😬😬🙈!! So exciting this is starting and makes it a little more easier to get out of bed in the morning 😂.

Is it your first cycle EmmaB? X



Yes first cycle and if we have a second I'd prefer the short one as the DR drugs are a pain and I'm putting on weight which is not good as I had to lose weight to qualify for ivf. My endo symptoms went a bit crazy with the period aswell. Trying to up the gentle exercise and not worry about it but the jeans are getting a bit snug!

I realised only three injections before the first scan. Eek.

Good luck with stimming. Hopefully by friday I will be joining you. My next scan isn't booked till the following Friday but going for some big chunky follicles.


That's a shame if it's causing weight gain!

Oh I hate endo symptoms. I find little carbs is good.. and yeah gentle exercise really helps. Thanks first one done feeling happy to be starting!

Let's hope our follicles starting getting big 👍🏻!

Good luck with the scans! My next one is Monday! We will have to catch up Friday about your scan! Praying it's all good news! X


Hi girl 15

13 is quite good number.

Even though they're more in numbers, with gonado injections they will grow between 15mm to 18 mm. Now probably they are of different sizes. Also there is possibility of budding new follicles. So they want to collect as many as possible.

I am आल्सो on 300iu. My both ovaries are working but have less number in each of them.

I hope this might help you stopping thinking.

Best of luck and take care


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