6 days late natural cycle- BFN? any chance could be BFP?

Just a query really as I am very confused. My cycles are ALWAYS 29-30 days without exception. Here I am on day 35 no sign of period, some mild pregnancy symptoms and constant negative pregnancy tests!!! I have never ever missed a period or been this late unless pregnant but I have always tested positive before period was due- these sadly resulted in losses. I just wondered if anyone had tested positive this late after period was due as I am going insane........I was told to start clexane, aspirin and progesterone pessaries on bfp but no idea if I am or not! thanks x

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  • Hi did you have treatment in prior months? I missed my period and didn't start until like day 56 and I was always regular. I was told that sometimes the medication we take messes up our system! I had all negative tests aswell and was actually happy when I did start! I was so bloated x

  • Hi Esmes. This hasn't happened to me but I just wanted to wish you good luck and I really hope you are pregnant. I have heard of people not getting positives until a week or 2 after their period is due so I hope it turns out like this for you. Perhaps if you are over a week late you could ask your GP if they would do a blood test for you? x

  • I was 8 days late for the first time in a couple years... Annoying isn't it? Especially when you want it so bad! You could request a blood test to be sure.

  • Very strangely I'm in the exact same frustrating boat! Usually 27-30 days and now on day 34 with 2 negative results. Also same with the 2 we lost I had early positives so now really confused. Be very interested to know how you get on xx

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