6 Days late but negative test....confused & worried😖

We had a failed cycle in May and have been taking some out to decide if we should give it another shot. My period was due last Monday (8th August) but hasn't arrived, this is very odd and has never happened! I did a clear blue digital test yesterday but it was negative, I don't know what to think or do as still no sign of my period😖Should I leave it a few days and test again or get a blood test done to confirm? I thought the CB digital ones are the best around and couldn't be wrong. Has this happened to any of you and has it turned out to be a positive? 😉Xxx

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  • I'd heard the clearblue teSt's were very accurate. My period was once about 5 days late and clearblue said I was negative and I was. Does seem strange. Maybe wait a few days and test again.

  • Thanks Katya38, I will wait & test again, just so frustrated as I've never been this late before😖

  • Hi Lozza97. I think you ought to have a Beta hCG blood test done so you know what's going on. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Hi lozza, I actually missed my period in June and didn't have one until August. Like you I was worried and secretly happy and thought I was pregnant but every test I done was negative and also I went to my nurse at the hospital where I was having treatment and they also confirmed it was a negative. I guess all these medications we take can have an effect on our bodies. X

  • Clear blue isn't as sensitive as the first response. The pink tests as a general rule are more sensitive and pick up the hormones sooner than the blue. Switch to first response and test in a few days. They can pick up hcg around 14days post conception. Please also bear in mind that the hormones etc could have played with your cycle and it does take time to get them back to your normal routine. Good luck! Xx

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