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AMH - all new to me :-(


I'm a few months into infertility investigations and just got the crappy news that my AMH is only 2.6. I'm only 32 and feeling pretty devastated, we've now been trying to 15 months to no avail. And now it looks a bit bleaker...

Next week I will be having my day 3 LH/FSH blood test, but my follow up appointment to discuss this won't before another 5 weeks, on the nhs appointments.

Can anyone maybe tell me what to expect from the results of this test? As in what is good and bad levels, and what it would mean if high or low in relation to AMH? I was so shell shocked in my appointment hearing about the AMH that I couldn't trunk straight to ask anything.

Thank you x

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AMH was the last test I had done as its outcome is apparently only really significant if having treatment - normal would be OK for IUI, lower would mean IVF would be better....

The day 3-5 hormones can be supplemented I think so that is why they look at those....

Have you had progesterone tests (day21)? They will also want an HSG to

Entire latency of your Fallopian tubes to confirm ovulation and that your tubes aren't blocked xxx


I was 33 when I got the same news... Amh low, fsh ridiculously high...LH too low... It took a while to get my head around it and I spent half my time wondering what I could do to change it.

My best advice for you is to not predict what you results might be; just go with it until all the results are in so the Dr can make an assessment based on all info.

Try not to read Google at 3am... It will only panic you more. But do be realistic... Being 32 and having that news is a shock and you're allowed to be confused, worried and upset.




My AMH was only tested when we were accepted for IVF, it was at the clinic (Oct 2014) and I was told it was 8.56. They classed it as low for my age, I was 35 then.

You can get really hung up with numbers, but something to mention...I've since had two more AMH tests as part of recurrent miscarriage investigations and to bring it back up to date at the clinic. The rm clinic result in January was 7 and then in May at the clinic it was 8.16. Seems strange to me that it changes, but what I'm trying to say is don't let this dishearten you too much.

If you end up having to have IVF, then they will just have to use a higher dose of drugs to get your body to respond.

Maybe think about reflexology or acupuncture (if you aren't having it already) to see if they can help rebalance your body and keep you calm :-)

In regards to your appointment being 5 weeks away, you'll obviously have to allow for your next set of blood results to come back, but find out who your consultants secretary is and ring up to see if there are any cancellations and if they hold a list for earlier appointments...you'll be surprised that it works sometimes!!

Good luck x

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I'm also 32 and AMH levels of 2.91. My FSH levels are 2.7 which according to my doctor are good.

I was put on 3 months of vitamin e, d, a high dosage of folic acid and DHEA to prepare for IVF which I am about to start in a couple of weeks.

Try and keep positive remember it only takes 1 good egg. That's what I'm telling myself anyway.

Good luck in your journey.


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HI Orla, AMH is essentially an indication of your egg reserves. Although it's low if you go through IVF then you do only need one good egg! It is really disappointing and it is such a worrying time. As the others say, once you have all the tests done you will have a fuller picture and the doctor will be able to recommend treatment.

Good luck on your journey. It's a tough time and it is perfectly normal to hell upset and anxious!

Take care X


Hi I had really low amh , fell pregnant naturally then was told about it been low as I went for tests as wasn't getting pregnant did round ivf didn't work then fell pregnant naturally again , stay positive xx

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Thank you all, I know I'm trying to not get too hung up on it til they know more. Already had day 21 progesterone which was 35 and ok, had internal scan done too and also confirmed I do ovulate each month. Waiting for Fallopian tubes to be scanned in 5 weeks time. My vitamin d, folate etc all good.

I'm already booked for Wednesday with an Chinese medicine herbalist and I've been having acupuncture too already to help conception (ha!) and need to increase my body fat from its 14.7% towards 19 if I can!


Hi orla. I was 33 when my AMH was measured as 4.7 which is also classes as very low. I was really upset. You might not need I've but either way, I started my first round of ivf last month and I got 6 eggs, 6 fertilised, 6 made it to blastocyst stage and 4 were excellent quality, one very good and one good. AMH levels do not predict the quality of your eggs, and in this respect your age is something that really works in your favour

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Thank you... It's just so upsetting. 2.6 is VERY low it was lower boundary of the "impaired fertility" bracket :-(

I can only hope and just go along with it all at the moment :-(



Hi Orla9298,

I have an idea how you might be feeling; I am a similar age to you and I received the news that my AMH is also 2. Following all of the heartache and investigations that you've been through, it's such a shock to hear this. Be kind to yourself, it's a lot to digest.

What the ladies above have said is very true, it is a numbers game and there are many success stories out there for ladies like us with low AMH, so don't lose hope.

While there are different protocols and combinations of drugs they can try, please don't be alarmed when your consultant suggests the option of using donor eggs.

I fell to pieces when this was suggested to me and my head was spinning. However, following a lot of heartache and distress with our failed cycles, we are now proceeding down this route and it feels like a relief to have a realistic chance of being a mum.

Miracles do happen and there are many low AMH success stories. Keep hoping, give it your absolute all and you will know if the time comes what's right for you. I honestly thought it was the end of the world, but there are many routes to motherhood. I hope yours is a success story we get to read about, lots of luck on your journey xxx


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