Amh confusion.. going to just chill and go with flow

So my amh was tested in June at 4. 6 when I was 38. Was told this was low for my age then had failed icsi in October. I then have been taking dhea and coq10 we then got amh retested and it is now 9. 9. Great news but to be honest I think I am going to shelf the whole amh thing now and just chill for our 2nd cycle.. what will be will be. I just know I became fixated on my amh level and I now wonder how accurate these tests actually are. It seems your amh can't change so goodness only knows what is going on with my levels.. the body isinindeed a mystery xxx

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  • I completely agree with you as my AMH is high but I respond poorly to the meds. Did your doctor agree with you taking DHEA?xx

  • Seemed to think it was ok and won't cause harm so why not😊x

  • Try just let it be a was exact same with Amh had round ivf didn't work and then fell naturally xxx

  • That's great to hear xx

  • this is the best attitude to have! good luck with your nest round, I am having egg donation ivf treatment at the moment (stimulating) and i will try not to worry that much and to comfort my husband a little bit.


    PS 9.9!! amazing. I am 44 and my amh is 0.6.

  • Hey notactuallybellatrix good luck . Got fingers and toes crossed for you xx

  • 9.9 is amazing Vic! Well done you! It does make me wonder why some clinics don't promote/support the use of the supplements (like mine). I've decided not to take them this time as my consultant said there is no evidence they work. However I read differently on here. We're fortunate enough to have 3 attempts so if we get to that stage I will take anything and everything I can get my hands on! haha It's a great attitude to have though, I think you've worried enough now it's time to relax a little. Our worrying won't change the outcome so we may as well relax a little x x x

  • To be honest MommaBear16 it has made me a bit sceptical about the tests as you read everywhere that amh can't change that much..mine doubled. Makes me wonder if the values change depending on when they take the blood as in what stage in your cycle..who knows..all I know is I worried so much about my low amh..has the dhea helped?? Guess I will never know and besides all I want is a bfp and seems folk get them with low and high amh!! So chilling is the name of my game now😜😜😜😜or at least to try xx

  • 9.9 is a great result well done you must be pleased!! It also gives me confidence that DHEA can work. I'm 38 and my last AMH test was 0.02 so any help to increase this I am willing to take. My consultant on the other hand has told me not to take it as it will make no difference and apparently I don't have enough time to take it for 3 month or more. But thank you this give me hope it can work. Think I also need to take on board the just chill and go with the flow attitude sometimes easier said than done 😊 Xx

  • I guess I will never know what made it double..makes me wonder if you should always be tested twice for this.i just want a bfp nowπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€xx

  • what kind did you take? was it natural?

  • Bought from biovea.. vegetarian tablets x

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