Disappointed and gutted!!

Action scan today showed that I'm not ready for EC so have to go back Sunday. I can't remember exactly how many were there but I think there was 6 or 7 good sizes. There were a few small ones.

To recap I am going to be sharing my eggs so devestated at the prospect of not having enough eggs for us both. If there's 8 or less I have to decide if I keep them all or give them to the lady.

I can't believe what a rollercoaster this whole process is but it just shows you age doesn't matter at times. I'm only 34 and have had a child from a previous relationship (13 years old). All my test came back normal so on long protocol.

I do wonder if it would of made a difference if they didn't have me taken metformin to prevent overstimulation.

Sorry for the big message I feel a tad better getting it off my chest.

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  • Hi sorry that this has happened, why did they think you would overstimulate? I've not heard of them putting people on metformin to stop it unless people have previously over responded or tests show they might.

    Have you now stopped the metformin? If not might be worth asking the clinic to come off it to help the eggs catch up. Good luck for Sunday x

  • I don't know why think they said that there's new research. I got told today that I need to keep taking it until pregnancy.

    Good luck with your journey you do make me giggle xx

    P.S thank you for replying xxx

  • Hey Lucyloo81, sorry to hear that! I'm guessing you maybe have PCOS and they didn't want to to overstimulate you?! However I would say the clinic will have your interests plus the donor recipients interests at heart! It's hard putting yourself in someone elses hands, I find that the hard bit! I didn't have loads of follicles (im 38 and amh is 7.19 so a bit low) but by the time it came to egg collection I was pleasantly surprised! Those little follicles can fairly come on in the last few days!! Good luck to you, what you are doing is very brave and I hope it all works out!!xx

  • Thank you for replying. I have only been diagnosed with unexplained fertility but I am going to question this on Sunday.

    I really hope they come on xx

  • I'm sure they will come on! I only had a few then loads of wee ones sprung from nowhere and I had 7 follicles of the right size and 6 eggs. Obviously you're looking for more but there is definitely hope!! Ask as many questions as possible! I'm sure I do my Dr's head in but a come away feeling satisfied that I have all the answers I need so that's the main thing!!x

  • Ha ha I'm the same apart from today. I was in shock at the scan but hopefully they come on.xx

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