Did they collect my eggs too soon? I feel let down by our clinic

Hi everyone,

I had my eggs collected yesterday after nine days of injections. I had expected to need to take the drugs for longer as my treatment protocol envisaged 11 days.

We had 9 eggs. I got a call this morning from the embryologist to say that six were unsuitable because they were immature. One didn't fertilise so we have just two embryos at the moment. I know that this is a numbers game and am terrified of losing one or both over the coming days. The thing that concerns me is that the eggs were too immature to be of use. The embryologist said that eggs are matured by the trigger injection so collecting later wouldn't have made a difference but I still can't quite understand why it wouldn't have helped to wait a bit longer. Can anyone explain? Sorry if I'm being really thick here.

The other thing that's happened is that our clinic has a special embryo scope thing which they use to watch the embryos develop. It's expensive and not covered by NHS funding. We were told that we could decide whether to use it or not when we knew how many embryos we had (and we said that if we had three or less we probably wouldn't bother). However - we had to pay for it in advance and they said they'd refund us if we decided not to have it. When I got the phone call this morning the clinic had put our embryos in the scope already, without giving us the choice that they said we would have. Given that there are only two, there's no way we would have gone for it because if both survive we would transfer one and freeze the other to try to use later on. I feel that we've been misled. It's Β£800 which is a lot of money that we don't really have and wouldn't have committed for so few embryos. I'm worried that now the embryos are in there it could harm them to move them and I'm reluctant to complain about the people looking after our precious embryos when they're at such a vulnerable stage. I've really lost trust in our clinic over this. Sorry to rant, I feel misled and am so upset about the numbers. This is our only funded cycle and I'm so scared of getting the call to say that there is nothing left to transfer :-(

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  • Hi Hadders - I totally understand your concerns. The problem with the eggs is that the whole process is speeding up something that would happen naturally. The specialists never know how many eggs are there to start with and what stage they are initially at before we start stimming so it's always just a case of hoping that some of them have reached maturity with the assistance of the meds. I was stimming for 11 days (should have been 9 but my follicles weren't mature enough). Any longer and you could be at risk of OHSS so they have to make the call when your follicles are ready.

    We got 8 eggs, of which only 4 were mature and only two were viable for transfer. Two were transferred and fortunately we got our BFP earlier this month.

    Re the cameras; we were very fortunate that they were available on the day of our transfer. We were having NHS treatment and the embryologist said we wouldn't have to pay for it as it hadn't been agreed beforehand. Normally it's a few hundred pounds. We obviously jumped at the chance because we wanted to give them the best chance possible with little disturbance. Obviously we didn't have to pay so it's a totally different set of circumstances but I do think it may have helped.

    Do you have any original paperwork with the agreement of the cameras on there? I would challenge it in writing when the treatment is over. Is there someone you can speak to at the hospital to explain your concerns?

    It's such a stressful time and I completely understand you second guessing things but try to stay as relaxed as possible, you will get plenty of time to ask questions once your cycle is complete. Hopefully you won't ever need to. My husband had to keep reminding me to trust the experts (I became a qualified Dr Google during our treatment!) and he was absolutely right, they are doing their very best for us. Our success is theirs :)

    Lots of luck for your little embies and your transfer. I'll keep everything crossed for you x x x

  • Thank you so, so much for replying - what you've said makes perfect sense and has really put my mind at rest about the timing of the egg collection. I spoke to the clinic this morning and they have agreed to refund the cost of the scope. Unfortunately we're down to one embryo now but they say it looks good and are transferring it tomorrow. Thank you again so much xxx

  • You're so welcome, it's such a stressful time, we question everything because we want to give ourselves the best possible chance. I'm glad you've spoken to the clinic and they've put your mind at ease. One egg is all it takes, we had a 2 day transfer and got our BFP and the odds get better the longer they are left so I'll keep everything crossed for you! x x x

  • Don't be dissapointed I ended up with 3 eggs had 2 embryos put in me I have a beautiful 18 months old baby girl and one frostie to try in February I donated half my eggs other lady has baby girl too good luck stay positive believe in your dream for a beautiful baby xxxx kirsty xxx

  • Thanks so much Kirsty, it really helps to know that it can work! We're down to just one now (no frosties for us) and just hoping and hoping that it sticks! Good luck with your transfer in February and thank you again xxx

  • It's so hard isn't it? I've gone through all these questions the last couple of days.

    I had 14 eggs collected on Monday and only 3 fertilised. I'll find out tomorrow if they have developed well enough for transfer.

    That's great you are getting a refund and more importantly have one to be implanted. Best of luck to you

  • Thanks so much Loobee, and to you. I hope yours have done well and will keep everything crossed for you xxx

  • All 3 are doing well so hoping for transfer tomorrow πŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Ooh, exciting!!! Good luck! :-)

  • Thank you xx

  • Hey, I only had one egg, and had a day 2 transfer... I now have a little boy who will be 2 in 4 weeks... You only need one..😊.. Wish you all the best. X

  • Thanks so much Pammi, that's amazing and really good to know. Thank you :-) xxx

  • So good to know πŸ’•

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