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"Why do you want to be a Mother?"


"Why do you want to be a Mother?"

I was asked this question by a counsellor recently and found it really hard to put into words, but then later that evening I sat down with pan and paper and these words just seemed to flow.

I thought I'd share them here as I'm sure many of you have been asked, or have pondered the same question and I know that sometimes it helps to feel you're not alone in this crazy world of infertility.

"Why do you want to be a Mother?"

I want to be a mother, but it's hard to say why

It's part of my being, a dream since knee high

It's an ache in my chest, like something's misplaced

It's arms that feel empty, no child to embrace

My future has always been filled with kid's laughter

I've even imagined grandkids that come after

Each decision I've made I had them in mind

The house we might live in, our lives intertwined

The schools they might go to, and friends they might make

Even actions when older that might make my heart break

To be wholly responsible for one that's so small

To nurture, inspire and help them grow tall

To bring about joy, see their smile, hear their laughter

To comfort, console when their world may seem darker

To be the one that they come running to

To bandage a knee or to talk something through

My life is spent visiting families I know

But I feel like I'm outside, looking in through windows

Nieces & nephews so loved but on loan

I yearn for a family all of my own

Children give meaning and purpose to all

Its the circle of life, its natures call

Mothers I know speak of love like no other

Now surely it is my turn to be a mother

By Natasza Lentner

12 Replies

Amazingly put 😘

Perfectly put 😍

Thats beautiful, amazing and poem thats so true x

Really beautiful. X

Brought I tear to my eye reading this. Love it


So true,I want to hear some one calling me ma.

Simply perfect words - beautiful. Thank you for sharing x

Really lovely poem xxx

Beautiful words, really captures how it feels

Such lovely words and so perfectly put. I remember my cousins kids playing and laughing in my house one day and wondering if I would ever hear the laughter of my own children in our home X

Thank you everyone for your kind words 💓

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