FET - why only 1 to be transferred?

Hi Everyone, I've been really encouraged by all your stories ❤️ I notice that a lot of people are having 2 embryos transferred, I have 3 frozen but have been told they will only be putting 1 back in, we didn't get a choice and I'm 42, this is my first IVF cycle, does anyone know why this could be? And if it's a positive thing? Questions I should have asked at my last appointment really.

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  • Hi MichM. It probably depends on your CCG and the clinic's policy. I have asked if we can have 2 (if we get 2) put back next time and they said yes provided I am aware of the risks. Our clinic's policy is only for over 35s but I will be nearly 35 so I asked if it could be an option. They said yes so perhaps just raise it with them. x

  • Thank you, I'll speak to them about it.

  • Hey I don't have much experience myself with IVF but I know quite a few people who have. My sister was advised to put one back and she pushed for 2. Both times she only got 1 baby so was really happy with the choice she made. I also thought over 40 some clinics recommend 2. I think sometimes you have to be strong with the clinics about what you want or they do what's best for then and their statistics. My sister told me they have targets to meet on multiples so they keep the number down as low as possible xxx

  • I was told I was only going to have one put back in but pushed for two and they let me. But this was a fresh cycle and it was either have it put back in or it would die in the lab as it wasn't good enough to be frozen. Maybe your frozen embies were very high quality?

  • Let's hope so!! Thank you.

  • Thank you, I think I need to have a better chat with them.

  • My clinic say it depends on egg grading as mine are blasts they only recommend one still even though it didn't work last time x

  • This may not be a negative thing. I had 1 put in the first time but was advised to put 2 the second time ( I'm 31) they said they put 2 in if the egg quality is very low😬 both times failed but 1 might mean you have a super egg 😜

  • Fingers crossed this is the case!! Thank you and sorry you didn't have a successful outcome ❤️

  • I think at 42, it's better to have 2 put back even if they are good quality blastocyst. HFEA say you can have 2 put back, so this is not your clinics choice, surely?

    Some clinics, including mine, like to defrost one embryo at a time when they have reached blastocyst stage. I have only one frozen embryo, considering FET, and same age as you, (I am not complaining as I had a bfp from IVF) - but I am concerned as to whether the embryo will even thaw and found out it's an average grade. I'll be honest, Id have 2 transferred again if i had them.

    Do you know the grade of these, what i presume are day 5 or day 6 blastocysts? This may help inform your decision making.

    I had 2 good quality blastocysts put back at 39 and one stuck, the other didn't make it past 6 weeks.

  • I think this is a very interesting debate. I have had treatment in different locations and I think each consultant will have their own thoughts and also each individuals circumstances.

    A number of ladies have said they had more put back because of poor quality and not good enough to freeze - yep had that.

    I think there is also a difference with day 3 and blastocyte transfer.

    There could be other circumstances such as u NK cell activity or autoimmune conditions and they might keep numbers down.

    The age aspect is also interesting as my consultant advised 1 as due to age (older ladies) are at risk of complications such as pre-eclampsia and the stress of multiple births.

    Maybe just something to ask them when you next speak to them.

    Good luck on your journey


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